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Capricorn Horoscope 2017 Predictions

September 9, 2016 | Total Views : 2,101
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Capricorns are people who persevere, are ambitious, intellectually oriented, loyal, and are good at managing their finances. Besides being hard workers, they have an ability to endure, which helps them achieve whatever they focus on. They make good friends. However, they need to let go of their tendency to put themselves first every time. They may also be highly conservative. The year 2017 will bring a mix of fortunes for you and test your personal qualities. Here’s what the year may bring to you. capricorn-horoscope

Capricorn 2017 - General Predictions

With Saturn transiting to the 12th house, for almost half a year you will be suffering its malefic effects. However, you may benefit from Jupiter’s saving grace as it transits the 9th house. The malefic effects might be felt on your job, material possessions, the wellbeing of family members, your health, and your overall happiness. There may be compensatory benefic effects from Jupiter to some extent on your chances of success, happiness, career, domestic peace, the prosperity of your siblings and your earnings. You will also be more inclined to spiritual conquests.

Capricorn Money Forecast

For the first two-thirds of the year, there is a possibility of wealth flowing in. However, luck changes in the last third portion with unhelpful situations draining your wealth. During this period to protect your hard earned wealth, you could use some astrological remedies.

Capricorn Business Forecast

There may be a possibility of breaking even, but then you stand the risk of losing a large part of your savings in managing the daily expenses. Your income and profits will dip due to management problems and labor expenditure. These difficulties will also affect your expansion plans at it is not advisable to begin new projects and investments. To reduce the burden on your business, try some remedial measures.

Capricorn Career Forecast

The first two-thirds of the year may favor your career with a possibility of a rise in income and status. However, things will turn in the last third with malefic effects disrupting your career growth. You may have to struggle to manage your work. To ensure that the hard work of the first two-thirds of the year does not go to complete waste, try some astrological remedies.

Capricorn Love and Romance

If you are single, then there is a possibility of finding a person suitable to your romantic pursuits. However, if you are married, then the ill-health of your spouse may dull the chances of romance.

Capricorn Students Forecast

The first two-thirds of the year will provide situations conducive to academic pursuits. You will be able to learn better. If you have children, they too will be able to study well. Due to the effects of Jupiter, you may be drawn towards spiritual learning and seeking enlightenment.

Capricorn Health Forecast

There are both physical and mental risks predicted. Mentally you may feel more depressed and anxious due to the difficult circumstances surrounding you. Physically there is a risk of fractures in the lower half of your body. Your father also faces the risk of poor health. For better health throughout the year and beyond try some health preservation and protection option.

Capricorn Astrological Remedies

As you are prone to the malefic effects of Saturn’s transit, you could seek relief through the following remedies.

  • On Saturday’s donate cooked rice and black beans at temples.
  • Help orphaned children with money and food.
  • Wear black or dark blue clothes whenever you can.

Capricorn Horoscope


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