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Scorpio General Yearly Horoscope 2017

2017 may not quite be the best of times for you on the material level. Saturn, the most powerful and seemingly malefic planet, transits your house of wealth in the first half of the year. This doesn’t bode well for your finances. Your health and happiness may also suffer. Quarrels with relatives may leave you feeling bitter. Yet, there are also some bright spots indicated. However moderate there are prospects of promotion, prosperity, domestic happiness, the birth of a child, gain of position and status, recovery from disease, gain from your son, wealth, and perhaps a new vehicle.

Characteristics of the Scorpio:

A Scorpio born is determined individual, has dynamic energy, and cannot keep idle, completes the job without rest and relaxation. Scorpio born has revengeful nature. Scorpio born is interested to study science and technical education. Scorpio sign usually becomes a sportsman, doctor, engineer or security or navy professional.


1. Recite the “Om Mangalaaya Namaha” mantra 108 times daily 2. Worship Lord Muruga with hibiscus or other red-colored flowers every Tuesday and Friday 3. Donate red-colored and yellow clothes to the poor and needy

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Offer Prayers to Muruga

Offer Prayers to Hanuman

Perform Mars Homa

Perform Saturn Pooja

Favorable Months: January, March, September

Unfavorable Months: April, May, June, July, August

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Look at Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

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