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Scorpio Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 14th 2019 - July 20th 2019)

2019-07-14 Money flow may not be smooth. Unwanted expenditure will trouble and cause worries in you.

2019-07-15 This may not be a very favorable day for monetary returns. You are also likely to be spending more for your children.

2019-07-16 Monetary progress is likely to be limited on this day. You could also incur some additional expenditure, which will strain your resources.

2019-07-17 You will be comfortable with the money that in hand. Money will pour in and you will be able to increase your savings levels considerably.

2019-07-18 Money gains are likely to be enjoyed for the day. You will feel comfortable and secure with the surplus funds. You will also tend to spend towards spiritual purposes as that will give you satisfaction.

2019-07-19 Plenty of money should be available for the day. You can also maintain a good level of money in the bank.

2019-07-20 Money loss is foreseen on this day. You have to be very careful while handling money. It is essential to handle the day with more care.

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