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Cancer Finance Yearly Horoscope 2017

A dramatic rise in your financial fortune is well-indicated. This is an all-around prosperity including cars, houses, rich food, purchases of gold and gems, investment in stocks, and so on. Financial gifts or aids from your siblings and parents are also likely to add to your wealth.

Characteristics of the Cancer:

A Cancer moon sign has good imagination. Such a person is also able to absorb other’s ideas quickly. A Cancer Moon is sensitive, emotional, sympathetic and sentimental by character. Cancer sign also indicates intelligence, creativity, adaptability and soft-spoken nature. Cancer borns are a bit volatile by nature. Suddenly they express anger at times and at times would become affectionate. They are reserved or timid on some occasions and courageous and outspoken during some other. On maintaining patience unnecessary circumstances can be avoided.


For greater healing benefits and strengthen the Moon to counteract all evil planetary influences, perform the following simple home remedies: 1. Recite the mantra “Om Chandraaya Namaha” 108 times daily preferably during Moon hora 2. Donate milk and curd rice on Mondays

Please click the following links to know in detail about the remedy and to order the same.

Pray to Goddess Parvati

Perform Moon Pooja

Perform Moon Homa

Favorable Months: January, April, May, July, September, December

Unfavorable Months: February, March, June, August, October, November

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