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Cancer Career Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (September 15th 2019 - September 21st 2019)

2019-09-15 You could experience increased job pressure for the day. This will be due to a heavy work schedule which could also result in keeping tasks pending.

2019-09-16 You may not enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. Pending tasks will keep you in a worrisome state. You could also face a slowdown at work.

2019-09-17 You will find happiness and satisfaction with the new job opportunities that come your way.

2019-09-18 The work front will be favorable. You will discharge your responsibilities with enthusiasm and promptness. This will raise your levels of confidence.

2019-09-19 Things on the work front appear rosy. Your work performance will attract the attention of your superiors.

2019-09-20 Your work will keep you generally happy and satisfied. You will also share a good rapport with your colleagues. There will be some joyous moments in your office, like a party or get together.

2019-09-21 Progress is indicated at the workplace. You will be able to gain appreciation from superiors for your performance at work.

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