Hayagriva Fire Lab (Homa)

Hayagriva Fire Lab (Homa)

Hayagriva, the God of knowledge and wisdom, is a horse-headed avatar of Lord Vishnu. His blessings are sought before beginning sacred and secular subjects. Legal disputes, issues or obstacles may also be nullified with the blessings of Hayagriva. Hayagriva is the Guru of Goddess Saraswati and by performing this fire ritual, you will receive the blessings of Archetypal Being Hayagriva. Students or any seeker of knowledge will benefit by participating in this fire ritual.

The lord is also known as "Hayasirsa". Haya means horse and Sirsa means head. Hayagriva has four lotus hands, with one in the mode of bestowing knowledge; another holds books of wisdom, and the other two hold the Conch and Discus. 
Ayush Fire Lab(Homa)

Ayush Fire Lab (Homa)

The Ayush Homa (Fire Lab) is performed to invoke the blessings of Ayur Devata, who bestows us with longevity, good health and relief from mental traumas. Ayur Devata is the Deity of Life Energy, infusing us with the capability to handle our responsibilities on a spiritual and material level. Participating in the ceremony once a year helps to achieve your goals in the near term.

US $ 148.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous Services

US $ 540.00
Saraswathi Fire Lab(Homa)

Saraswathi Fire Lab (Homa)

Saraswathi Fire Lab- This Fire Lab is targeted to enhance intelligence, memory power, logic and reasoning skills. It can help remove impediments that block successful accomplishments in academics.

US $ 148.00

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