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Cancer General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (August 12th 2018 - August 18th 2018)

2018-08-12 Mental tensions could overwhelm you on this day. You need to take everything in an easy and flexible manner for smooth flow of things. Avoid taking major decisions or entering into new ventures. Practice meditation and devote time towards spiritual practices to get relief.

2018-08-13 You need to learn the art of taking things lightly. Keep yourself motivated and this will keep you going. Your patience might be tested, but keep your calm and you will be able to handle things well.

2018-08-14 The day promises to be very productive. You will enjoy benefits and support through your friends. You have good reason to be more cheerful.

2018-08-15 This promises to be a fabulous day when success in all endeavors is likely to favor you. Your decision making skills will show a marked improvement and you will be more determined in what you do.

2018-08-16 Confidence levels may be low on this day, It will be wise to remain positive and cheerful.

2018-08-17 Confidence levels may be low on this day, It will be wise to remain positive and cheerful.

2018-08-18 You may not be blessed with enough confidence for the day. Self belief and faith is required to get going. However, this may not come easily for you.

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