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Cancer General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (May 19th 2019 - May 25th 2019)

2019-05-19 Productive thinking will lay a better foundation for establishing good standards. Avoid emotional reactions.

2019-05-20 You may feel neglected and insecure. Try to be happy with what you have and this will yield good satisfaction.

2019-05-21 You can keep yourself happy by going for a casual outing. It is essential to be practical rather than emotional in your acts. You need to stay calm and poised.

2019-05-22 The day is likely to bring you good gains. You can set yourself towards certain tasks and plan the day accordingly. This is an ideal time to make long term plans.

2019-05-23 Take things easy and casual as this day requires you to be patient and calm.

2019-05-24 This is foreseen to be a generally good day. You may be more conscious of your activities and this will keep you busy throughout. Enhancing your intelligence levels will be good.

2019-05-25 The day favors successful outcomes that will delight you. This will enable you to carry out your activities with ease. Focus and determination along with high energy levels will help promote your growth.

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