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Scorpio Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (January 20th 2019 - January 26th 2019)

2019-01-20 You will tend to be emotional in your approach towards your partner. This may affect the level of understanding you maintain. You need to be very calm and friendly.

2019-01-21 You are likely to be friendly in sharing your feelings with your partner. This will enable you to understand each other well and develop more mutual affection.

2019-01-22 A balanced view and a humorous approach will help you to understand your partner well. Keep your mind free while conversing with your loved one.

2019-01-23 You will be able to share your optimistic feelings with your partner. This will enable you to develop a good level of understanding with each other.

2019-01-24 You are able to share some humorous feelings with your partner. This will please your loved one greatly and help promote deeper understanding between each other.

2019-01-25 You are likely to have pleasant conversations with your partner. This will fill you with happiness.

2019-01-26 Maintaining a friendly approach with your partner will be good for your relationship. It will pave the way for better understanding to prevail.

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