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Cancer Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (March 17th 2019 - March 23rd 2019)

2019-03-17 You may have a difference of opinion with your partner. Try to sort out the differences and live happily.

2019-03-18 Stay away from any controversies with your partner as there chances for such occurrences on this day. It is essential that you be more calm and composed in your approach with your loved one.

2019-03-19 You may feel insecure and display these feelings to your partner. This may create some differences of opinion.

2019-03-20 You are likely to be very happy and express your love to your partner. He/she will feel very good about this and it will help pave the way for a better relationship.

2019-03-21 You are able to please your partner with your charming words. You will be able to understand each other better while going on a casual trip.

2019-03-22 Your partner and you will cherish enjoyable moments during a casual outing. This will strengthen the understanding shared between each other.

2019-03-23 You tend to be very sensitive in expressing your feelings towards your partner. This kind of approach will affect the understanding levels with each other.

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