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5 Amazing Peacock Feather Remedies for Prosperity

On June 10, 2022

Mythological Stories Behind the Powers of Peacock Feathers

Everything that humans hold, Vedas, sacred and holy books, or those who are spiritual, has some astrological connection. Peacock feathers are no different. However, there are two stories that astrologers believe in the most. First, we see numerous Hindu mythology examples that have explained the association of peacocks to the cultural aspects of the Hindu school of thought. Second, Vedic Astrology clearly explains the significance of the symbolism attached to peacock's feathers.

The Story of Indra Dev

Uttara Ramayana mentions that lord Indra Dev had to save his life by hiding in a peacock tail for one thousand years to protect himself from mighty Ravana, who wanted to snatch his power and status of being the crown designated king of all lords(DEVATAS).Lord Indra was so pleased with the peacock's loyalty that he blessed the bird with colorful wings that used to be very pale. He also blessed the birds to be fearless of snakes, brave, and have magical healing powers like Phoenix's mythological bird.

5 Amazing Peacock Feather Remedies

The Story of Lord Krishna

It is said that once, Lord Krishna was grazing with his cows in a jungle at Govardhan mountain. He started playing flute, and the melody that was produced from it was so hypnotizing that all the peacocks became gleeful in the forest and began dancing with joy. It was a festival that transfixed even the Gods from heaven. Lord Krishna continued playing the flute and was blessed for many days regularly. Finally, gratified and humbled for bringing such joy to peacocks, the king of peacocks offered Lord Krishna some of his feathers as Guru Dakshina.

Lord Krishna accepted all the feathers, and the minute he touched its crown, all peacock feathers became Holy and were blessed with powers of many kinds with magical healing abilities.

5 Peacock Feather Remedies

Mythological stories, time and again, have indicated and asserted that many Gods have blessed peacocks with pious blessings in ancient times. It is believed that there are many peacock feathers remedies to solve almost all problems that humans face in daily life in day-to-day affairs. We have listed five such remedies!

Peacock Feathers for Wealth

If you're facing any financial issues, then peacock feathers can help remove obstacles causing money problems. The different ways you can use peacock feathers to attract wealth are as follows.

Peacock Feathers: A remedy for all the problems:-

  1. Wealth and Prosperity
  2. To increase the beauty of House Decor
  3. Increases love
  4. To remove Vastu Doshas
  5. To remove the malefic effects of Saturn
  6. To maintain the beauty of office decor
  7. Promotes Good Health


  1. Visit any Radha-Krishna Temple and place some peacock feathers in the crown of Lord Krishna. After 40 days, bring those peacock feathers home and put them in the vessel after sprinkling with "Ganga Jal." Doing this will enhance your luck along with your wealth and prosperity.
  2. For financial security, put a peacock feather in your book and your bedroom.
  3. Take eight peacock feathers and install them in the north-east direction of the house by chanting Om Somay Namah" while tying them in white thread to remove Vastu Dosha from home.
  4. Keeping peacock feathers under your pillow will eliminate haunted traumatic dreams.
  5. Keeping a peacock feather in a purse tied with black thread will reduce Rahu and Saturn's evil eyes and malefic effects.
  6. Keeping peacock feathers in the south direction attracts wealth.
  7. Keeping it in the southeast direction will bring good health to the family.
  8. Peacock feathers have healing energies as it reduces health issues and negative energies if you keep them around you.
  9. Keeping Peacock feathers in the master bedroom will help in increasing the love and passion among couples.
  10. Keeping Peacock feathers in the Northeast direction will help reduce the malefic effects of Rahu in the family.


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