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What Is Vastu Dosh? How to Remove Vastu Dosh from Home?

March 26, 2021 | Total Views : 1,068
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Vastu Shastra is the traditional system of architectural science. Commonly referred to as Vastu, it tries to integrate the architecture of a building with nature and ancient beliefs and utilizes symmetry, alignments, and geometric patterns, for favorable results. Vastu lays down specific principles regarding the design, layout, measurements, alignments, and space arrangement of structures. It is believed that these guiding principles, which connect man with nature, can enable positive energies to flow in and fill the structure and create an atmosphere conducive to health, success, peace, and happiness. 

Vastu Dosh

The term Dosh refers to an affliction, and this negativity can contribute to some adverse consequences. When some Vastu Shastra principles are not followed in construction, there may arise some flaws or deficiencies which may disturb the structure’s perfect alignment with nature and cause harm or disturbance to the lives of the people living or working therein. This lacuna is termed as Vastu Dosh. This Dosh can create stress, strain, and health issues, hamper career or business prospects, and render the efforts made, futile.

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Though Vastu Dosh can thus be a cause for concern, there are some simple ways and practicable means through which those can be corrected, and the adversities cleared or minimized to a large extent so that lives turn around for the better. 

Here let us learn some simple tips to clear Vastu Dosh from residences or places of work.

Tips for Clearing Vastu Dosh

The bedroom is very important for cordial relationships among family members and for marital happiness. The colors of the bedroom walls wield a strong influence in this regard, and hence, should be the ones that promote harmony and intimacy. The master bedroom walls can be painted in yellow, as that color tends to attract positive energy and create a delightful atmosphere. People can also use blue or green colors for their bedroom, which may help make the environment pleasant and welcome.  

Mirrors play a significant role in the Vastu scheme of things, and hence their placement in the house can contribute a lot to Vastu compliance and overcoming Vastu Dosh. A mirror opposite the entrance or facing the bed can contribute to Vastu Dosh and to the resultant harmful effects. Hence, people should make it a point not to have mirrors opposite to the entrances of homes or offices, and also facing the bed or the sleeping cot. If mirrors are already there, they should be removed and shifted to other places, forthwith. The interior hallway is one of the places suitable for placing a mirror.

Furniture placed haphazardly or in a disoriented way can also result in the flow of harmful energy. Hence furniture may please be arranged following a clear pattern, preferably in the shape of a circle or octagon.       

A picture or photo of the family members, happy and smiling, may please be arranged in the living room or hung on the walls. This can be an important measure for their safety, better relationships, and lasting bonds.   

Wind chimes, which are generally hung from ceilings as decorative pieces, also mean a lot in Vastu. These beautiful pieces, which produce pleasant sound, can also attract positive energy, clear Vastu Dosh, if any, and add to the auspiciousness of the structure.    

Fish tanks can be called one of the best remedies for Vastu Dosh. Such mini- aquariums placed in the living room in its northeast corner can prove highly effective in negating the Vastu flaws and ensuring positivity at home.      

The pyramid shape is believed to have many positive properties. Placing a pyramid made of glass and stone at the entrance of the home or office can help prevent negative energy from entering the structure. Similarly, the horseshoe is traditionally believed to drive away negativities and bad luck. Hence, placing the horseshoe with its open side facing upwards can bless people with good fortune and promising opportunities for progress.

Tulsi or Basil is a sacred plant with immense therapeutic value. Tulsi plant not exceeding 2 meters in height can be placed in the northeast corner, and this can prove quite beneficial for both personal life and professional progress.

Worshipping the Vastu Yantra at your home and work place will curb all the impediments on the way of your success and gift you with happiness, peace and prosperity forever. 

Best Vastu Consultants in India

While these tips are general in nature, there are available some best Vastu Consultant In India. People can approach such Vastu Shastra Expert or Vastu consultant near them with their personal details and specific concerns for guidance. The Vastu Shastra Expert or Vastu consultant near them can suggest specific solutions or remedies, which people can follow and get benefitted.        


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