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About Rudra Homam, Significance, Benefits, Mantra

DateFebruary 2, 2022

The Rudra is the Great God Shiva, the destroyer of evil. Sincere prayers are offered to seek his benevolence and mercy to survive the challenges in life. The word depicts destroying the evil and cleansing the system. Devotees worship Rudra for inner peace and to achieve all worldly pleasures. Rudra has the key to controlling the nine planets. There are 11 chapters of Anuvakas in Sri Rudra and 11 chapters in Chamaka Prashna. You can see Sri Rudra praising the Great God Shiva, and in the chamaka anuvakas direct prayer are offered to Rudra, seeking his blessings for endurance and success.

Rudra Homam

Rudra Homam – Invoking the Blessing of the Great God

In the first anuvaka or chapter of Sri Rudram, there is a prayer to cool the anger of Shiva on those who fail to follow the righteous path. In the second part of the ninth anuvakas you can find various names assigned to the supreme power. The chapter also elaborates on his qualities and how to worship Rudra. In the tenth prayer, the devotees sought complete satisfaction of desires and overcoming hurdles in life. Finally, the eleventh chapter consists of Rudra Ganas, important Vedic mantras used in traditional rituals to seek the blessings of the cosmic powers to evade negative energy. These prayers have an immense effect and, when repeated, can shower you with the blessings of the Great God.

What is the Science Behind The Homam?

Fire is one of the five forces of life. It connects with the divine. Fire lab or Homam purifies life. Homam helps to transit your prayers to the divine, and in return, you get their protection and blessings. There is a right time, place, sound and offerings to invoke the Gods. Rudra Homam purifies the soul and decimates any impurities by garnering the blessings of Rudra. The Rudra Homam can grant you sanctity, as the penance has eternal powers. Mythology has it that Lord Krishna, in the Kurukshetra War, sang the Sri Rudram, and the rest is history.

Reap the Benefits of Rudra Homam

  1. Get relief from problems
  2. Repairs all relationship issues
  3. Conducive home and work environment

  5. Sheltering from evil forces
  6. Inscribing positivity into your life
  7. It helps to keep your thoughts and acts clean
  8. Enjoy the touch of success
  9. Become debt-free

Recite the Rudra Homam Mantra

Om Hraum Joom Saha or Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe


Mahadevaya Dhimahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodayat Swaha

If you find the above mantra difficult to memorise or pronounce, you can try this simple one:

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya

Rudra Homam Procedure

Homam or fire lab is a procedure where fire or Agni is initiated, and sacred materials are put into it to garner the attention of Rudra and invoke his blessings. The mantras chanted during the Homam can energise the fire. Prayers are chanted to instigate the powerful energy. Once the energy is invoked, it spreads and fills the mind and space to create a positive environment.
Life is a cycle, and Hindus believe that the karmas of the previous birth can affect the present life. Repenting for the karmas and leading a good life in the present can give you peace and success. The Rudra Homam gives you a new lease of life by removing the karmas of the previous birth and generating prana into the environment.

During the Homam, Siddha-ayurvedic herbs are put into the Agni to instigate the deeper energy layers. The effects of inhaling the herbs can leave you disease-free. The ashes from the sacred homam site have the potential to cure deadly diseases when rubbed on your skin.

The mantras recited during the Homam have immense effects on health. The Namaha mantra and the chamakam slogan chanted by the priests bring good health, happiness and success.

Rudra Homam gives ultimate happiness to those who perform and may help lead a satisfying life.

Maha Shivaratri and Rudram Chanting

On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri, Rudra Homam is conducted for a life free from sins and sorrows. Chanting the praises of Shiva and seeking repentance for the sins committed can bring in good luck and auspiciousness. If you seek life-transforming blessings from the Great God, Mahashivratri pooja is the right occasion to indulge in the pooja.

The Rudra Homam can destroy sins and bring divine protection and blessings. The recitation from the sacred text in front of agni on the Mahashivratri occasion drives away all miseries by protecting you from all evil forces. The Rudra Homam on Maha Shivaratri dissolves the fear of uncertainty and showers success. Be bestowed with the blessings of Rudra on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri and lead a contented life. The Rudram chanting is done during the four kalas on the special day of Maha Shivratri. Do not miss the opportunity. Mahashivratri is the day for penance; hence display shraddha to Shiva by following the Maha Shivratri vidhi to the core for utmost benefits.


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