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Effects and Results Of Different Planet in Taurus Sign

On February 15, 2023

Effects and Results of Sun in Taurus Sign

Sun in Taurus:- Taurus is a fixed earthy materialistic sign whose lord is the passionate, loving, and wealthy planet Venus. Venus is a feminine watery planet, while Sun is a masculine fiery planet. Both are inimical or indifferent to each other. So, the placement of the Sun in the Taurus sign is not considered favorable or positive, or promising in Vedic Astrology, especially if it is under the malefic influence like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or to some extent, Mars. Natives born with Sun in their Taurus sign in the birth chart face numerous life difficulties and challenges. When it comes to their physique and health, such people suffer from a lack of immunity and physical strength and sometimes from fever, cough, cold, and weakness.

Sun in Taurus

They are also vulnerable or susceptible to diseases related to the face, skin, hair, or eyes. Water may also pose some risks and dangers to these natives. The placement of the Sun in the Taurus sign in Kundli or Horoscope also gives dissatisfaction from the spouse, so this placement of the Sun is not favorable or auspicious for peaceful, happy married life.

Nevertheless, such natives tend to be good-looking and humble-natured. They are sensible, emotional, intelligent, and wise, with good knowledge or proficiency in fine arts like writing, designing, painting, or performing arts such as singing, dance, and music. In fact, at times, they can also play musical instruments r become musicians, singers, pop artists, and stars. They usually become wealthy from 28, endowed with a comfortable lifestyle and daily or monthly earnings. They form many aristocratic contacts in life. They also tend to earn ample wealth and financial gains from 30 to 48. These natives rise in their service, jobs, or business during the middle years of life.

Effects and Results of Moon in Taurus Sign

Moon in Taurus:- People with the Moon in their Taurus sign in their Horoscope, or birth chart appear to be very romantic, sensual, and good-looking with magnetic charm and attraction. Their personality is robust, balanced, emotional, energetic, upbeat, optimistic, and attractive. They have stunning facial features and usually have fair skin complexion.

moon in Taurus

Taurus sign is an exalted position for Moon; however, the lord of Taurus is Venus, which shares a neutral relationship with Moon. But since both are watery, artistic, creative, attractive, romantic, and sensual planets, their energies collide and amalgamate well. Moon gives very beneficial, promising, and encouraging results in the Taurus sign. People with Moon in Taurus tend to be quite romantic and good-looking. Your personality is attractive, and you're wise and intelligent. These natives have good skin quality and hair with very polite, pleasing, and easy–going characters. You are a generous and charitable person who always wants to help those in need and those who are less fortunate if the Venus aspect or conjuncts Moon in the Taurus sign can make you famous, rich, ad successful sportsperson and artist.

Natives with Moon in the Taurus sign in Kundli would be happiest during the middle and last part of their life, especially from the age of 27 to 49. These natives are usually fortunate to have adequate Luxuries and material possessions. They have a strong sense of self-belief, ownership, and Justice. These people are grounded and practical in life. You are an equally bighearted and kind-hearted charitable personality.

As a friend and partner, Moon in Taurus people tends to be highly loyal, responsible, romantic, loving, caring, affectionate, kind, dependable, stable, and committed. These people have ethics and morals yet possess a sharp mind and easily gaze at and judge someone's motive personality. Your relationships are often long-lasting, and you may find your ideal match at a very young age, but you can be possessive too. These people are successful and happy in their married life, and love marriage is very much possible.

These natives can also have a melodious voice, eloquence, and a charming manner. These natives are humourous, funny, and witty people who tend to be positive around them. You have strong creative, and artistic hidden talents that can evolve, mature, and make your hobby into your career. Things like renovating home and interior designing, catering, business, hotel management, food business, and wedding planning appeal to you and suits you most.

Effects and Results of Mars in Taurus Sign

Mars in Taurus:- Taurus is ruled by Venus, a feminine benefic watery planet, and Mars is a fiery planet. They share a neutral relationship with each other. Sometimes it's a perfect combination or blend of Masculine and feminine energy that brings success in the mundane world for many natives with wealth, love, passion, pleasure, attraction, comfort, luxury, and recognition. When Mars is placed in b Taurus sign having a delicate planet like Venus as its lord, Mars's energy is not as active as in other signs. Still, in the Taurus sign, Mars loses its malefic nature and primarily provides promising and beneficial results.

mars in Taurus

People born with Mars in the Taurus sign in their Horoscope have an excellent physical drive and energy. Their concentration and intelligence are outstanding. These people learn a lot from their personal past experiences and mistakes. These natives are some of the most determined, honest, loyal, committed, and stable.

They have a strong attraction and link for beauty and arts, such as music, aesthetic designs, beauty products, acting, paintings, photography, luxury items, etc., due to Venus's influence on Mars in the Taurus sign. Some of them also have artistic talent, especially in performing arts. These natives attain a luxurious and comfortable life after 28 or 30. Mars in the Taurus sign gives natives the ability to manage their money wisely, so they tend to have a strong hold over financial matters and have substantial savings with immovable properties. Such people tend to be inclined towards love and sensuality, bed pleasure.

In fact, at times, they also simultaneously have more than one romantic partner. They often feel dissatisfied with their spouse and in a long committed relationship as they are dynamic and need freshness and change in their daily life. They can also be overly possessive and, at times, violent or chaotic, argumentative in love matters. However, they attain sexual pleasure from different partners. Mars in Taurus makes them sensitive and moody.

Effects and Results of Venus in Taurus Sign

Venus in Taurus:- Taurus is the sign ruled by Venus itself, and it owns the 2nd House of the natal chart in karaka Kundli. Those natives with Venus placed in their Taurus sign in any House at the time of birth tend to be polite, charming, attractive, and have sensual, magnetic seduction or attraction opposite sex find appealing. Women native will be beautiful and attractive since Venus is the feminine planet and signify love and beauty. Venus in the Taurus sign makes naïve freedom lovers independent and liberated who cannot live or work in any boundation or boundaries.

venus in Taurus

Self-employment suits these natives much. They fight for their independence and liberation from the regular orthodox activity and do not like their freedom to be snatched away. There will be a strong fondness for nature, travel, food, pleasures, exotic trips, and excitement. These natives acquire fame through sports or fine and performing arts. People with Venus in their Taurus sign are elegant, graceful & sophisticated, with refined manners. Their taste in dance and music is exceptional or unique and rich. They are fond of artistic pursuits and physical and cardinal pleasures.

There is an intense desire for a romantic partner and bed pleasures to lead a luxurious lifestyle and acquire all the worldly pleasures and comforts with riches, properties, stately decorated homes, and vehicles. These natives also enjoy being attractive and spend a lot of time in their styling. They look stunning and spend a lot of time and money on their beauty regime. They also want to be complimented every time they dress up by their partner or spouse. Their married life will mostly be happy and harmonious. Their sex drive is quite strong and ardent. They are practical when it comes to their needs and wishes.

These natives, however, want stability in their life, especially in careers and romantic life. They tend to be loyal and constant, especially after the age 30. Their approach to love is relatively straightforward and simple. They tend to take their relationship seriously, which can be long-lasting as they meet their soulmate early. They handle love matters with caution and care. They will be protective, caring, and possessive about their partner.

Effects and Results of Mercury in Taurus Sign

Mercury in Taurus:- Mercury is an Earthy planet, and when it is posited in the Taurus sign, which is also a fixed Earth sign ruled by the friendly auspicious benefic planet Venus, the person tends to be fixated in views and possess creative and artistic talent with multi-tasking ability. It is difficult to budge these individuals or alter their minds once they have decided something, as they are stubborn and have high self-belief. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which shares a friendly relationship with Mercury, so Mercury in the Taurus sign makes natives multi-talented and self-made individuals. Such a person seeks stability, peace, loyalty, and mature relationships.

mercury in Taurus

They are practical beings who believe in logic and have trust in their intelligence and skills. Their concentration and determination or persistence and patience are exceptional. They are quite dependable and loyal in romantic life too, and fortunate in money matters. They excel in management, accounting, and the banking sector.

These natives also have strong business sense and entrepreneurship skills. However, they can be conservative and orthodox in their views because they do not make significant changes in life every now and then but can be flexible when needed. These people are good organizers and do well in managerial and executive roles. They like to live a luxurious, comfortable, and secure aristocratic lifestyle. They want beautiful objects, jewelry, clothes, accessories, and flowers that appeal to their aesthetic senses. They are quite soft-spoken and polite to others personally and professionally. On the love front, sexual satisfaction is vital for their relationship's smooth running. Mercury relates to muscles, nerves, and the brain, whereas Venus represents beauty. An amalgamation of these two energies makes the native fond of physical exercises, style, glamour, and fitness. These people pay much attention to their looks and styling.

Effects and Results of Jupiter in Taurus Sign

Jupiter in Taurus:- Taurus sign is an earthy sign ruled by Venus, which is a feminine watery planet also known as a planet of luxury, love, passion, and attraction. Venus acts neutral towards Jupiter, but Jupiter is inimical towards Venus. Despite their enmity, the position of Jupiter in Taurus is favorable since both the planets are naturally benefic in nature, and both planets give luck, progress, wealth, success, education, growth, optimism, positive energy, and happiness, especially Jupiter. Natives with Jupiter in their Taurus sign in any House of the birth chart are endowed with a broad body and attractive or charming, graceful classy appearance.

jupiter in Taurus

These natives are usually god-fearing people who are generally religious or spiritual. Those people with Jupiter in the Taurus sign in the Horoscope acquire ample fortune and wealth throughout their life, especially after marriage. Luck favors them in their time of need. They also do well in their personal and professional life simultaneously by balancing both. These natives thrive in their careers and may also get romantically lucky at a young age.

These natives are judicial, honest, moody, sarcastic, witty, intelligent judgemental, and wise and make lucrative use of their assets, properties, and savings. They have the money, resources, and skills to afford the luxury and comforts of life. This gives stability to their life. They are skillful, intelligent, and quite political too. They have strong business acumen, become promising entrepreneurs, and handle matters cautiously and patiently, which gives them an edge over their opponents. They usually reap gains ad profits from their business. They are rewarded for their hard work. They use tact and wisdom in critical situations. They easily create new ideas, and experiments are successful. They are quite skillful in their job or occupation. However, Jupiter in Taurus sign in the birth chart gives these natives a conservative outlook, an orthodox attitude, and an inflexible approach.

Jupiter in the Taurus sign gives promising results in attracting luck, wealth, materialistic success, and worldly opportunities through hard work, patience, and practicality. These individuals have better options drawn to them in their careers and finances, especially when they are inherently generous and charitable.

Effects and Results of Saturn in Taurus Sign

Saturn in Taurus:- Saturn in Taurus sign brings the most positive and promising results in General. Saturn becomes benefic and friendly in the sign of Taurus. Saturn shares a friendly relationship with Taurus sign lord Venus, which in amalgamation, conjunction, or combination gives great height, success, and recognition in career. Saturn is the lord of Karma. It represents perseverance, patience, hard –work, and liberation from the mundane realm of material existence. On the other hand, Venus is all about luxuries, material comforts, passion, art, natural talent, love, sensuality, and possessions. People born with Saturn in their Taurus sign always find themselves torn between these comfort, luxury, easy-going life and recognition, hard deeds, extra effort, and achievements in their career by sacrificing materialism, love, and comfort.

saturn in Taurus

The two forces of Saturn and Venus, spiritual liberation v/s material existence, or detachment v/s pleasure, also causes Yoga v/s Bhoga type of situation in native's life. Saturn in Taurus also strongly urges emotional and financial security for the native to be happy and comfortable. These natives are practical and successful in their careers. Some people may also achieve fame in their life. Political success is possible.

Saturn in the Taurus sign makes the person overly cautious, logical, and practical with money and career matters. Such people tend to be thrifty but spend freely only on what they actually need or enjoy. They spend on their family's happiness and comfort but may have to sacrifice their own peace and comfort. These people are disciplined and patient and can endure and tackle the harsh realities of life. They work hard for success in their business. They are very clever and well-suited for professions such as politics, government jobs, and business. The Saturn in Taurus sign also suggests sensuality and clandestine affairs. They can be pretty diplomatic and secretive, yet very responsible, careful, and honest in love and go to extreme lengths to win the love of the person they want. This is because of the strong influence of Venus on Saturn in the Taurus sign.

Effects and Results of Rahu in Taurus Sign

Rahu in Taurus:- Rahu is believed to be exalted in the Taurus sign in Vedic Astrology. Taurus is an earthly materialistic sign, and Rahu is all about passion, imagination, shrewdness, materialism, and success with fame in worldly affairs in the mundane world. Thus, Rahu in the Taurus sign usually brings positive, promising results. Taurus is an earthy sign, and when Rahu happens to be in the Taurus sign in Horoscope, it brings stability, money, success, and sometimes enormous fame in life.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, representing love, passion, compassion, and partner, and Rahu deals with love affairs outside the community, jealousy, possessiveness, and emotional dedication. Hence Rahu in the Taurus sign gives multiple love affairs in life, which can be short-lived with many ups and downs. Still, you may find your partners outside your caste, community, religion, nationality, or culture. Rahu is also associated with wealth earning through deceiving or defeating others or surprising others. Rahu in the Taurus sign gives massive wealth and fame through sports, media, and entertainment fields. rahu in Taurus

Rahu in the Taurus sign also helps natives acquire a lot of recognition, success, and respect from the government. These people are also respected and admired in their social circle, and some people gain success in politics. Rahu is showbiz, fame, and the spotlight; Venus is beauty, charm, and magnetic attraction, along with Creative and artistic talent. So, Rahu in the Taurus sign gives one success in acting, dancing, communication, singing, or in any field where your expressions are required most. Rahu in Taurus affords the native to have multiple properties and land ownership.

These people, however, are emotionally vulnerable and a little short-tempered too. They tend to face issues with spouses due to their harsh language or abusive and careless behavior. Sometimes, they face divorce or separation in their marital life due to cheating and extramarital affair. They often indulge in unnecessary arguments. Rahu in the Taurus sign makes natives spendthrift, too, so these people spend a lot on luxury items, exotic travels, or extravagant indulgences. However, this Rahu in Taurus sign native is prone to addiction to smoking, alcohol, adultery, cheating, and extramarital affairs. The native may also choose some shady means of earning.

Effects and Results of Ketu in Taurus Sign

Ketu in Taurus:- Taurus is ruled by Venus, a feminine, soft, benefic watery planet that shares a mild relationship with Ketu. The Ketu in the Taurus sign craves and wants to live independently with freedom and bring in a lot of movement or travel in their life. Venus rules Taurus, and it shares some moderate or mixed relationship with Ketu which gives success and failures with happiness and sadness both in life constantly. Here, Ketu is an earthy sign in Vedic Astrology and signifies or represents the Moon's south nodes. Natives with Ketu in their Taurus sign in Horoscope want to walk freely and seek learning and worldly and spiritual success.

ketu in Taurus

However, that does not mean they become self-centered, proud, selfish, or fly in the air because Taurus is an earthy sign, and amalgamation with the Ketu element keeps them grounded and secure. Due to the impulse given by Ketu, these people are always pulled or torn between the need for movement.

They need stability in their career and relationship and seek total commitment and loyalty. Ketu in the Taurus sign also makes one reflective and negative and gives the person solitude or a pensive mindset. Such people like to talk a lot with their partners and sometimes like to be alone and quiet. Sometimes, they can be insincere, insecure, irresponsible, shrewd, liars, and disloyal. These people face complications, delays, and hurdles in acquiring luxuries and material comforts in their youth but enjoy all of them later in life, especially in old age. They can sometimes be lazy but very proficient in their work or career. Success and fame after the age of 40 are possible.

Ketu in the Taurus sign also creates hurdles, failure, loneliness, cheating, and sadness in love life. Such people also face issues within their families because of various conflicts and chaos. These people search for peace, freedom, and independence from a young age and might live away from their families at a young age. They often move in the wrong direction in life or choose the bad options and wrong people early on in life. While they tend to be very loving, caring, humble, and compassionate, they struggle to get the same level of love, loyalty, commitment, and compassion in return.

Ketu in the Taurus sign also makes the native sluggish, lazy, or carefree. They are frugal in money matters but spendthrift as well. Such people tend to procrastinate and live in nostalgia, past affairs, and happy moments. These natives can also be quite stubborn and self-centered or proud at times. Ego, pride, and arrogance also strongly mark their character, adding to challenges in maintaining their romantic relationships.


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