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Court Case, Litigation and Legal issues Matters in Horoscope through the eye of Vedic Astrology

DateDecember 1, 2021

Court cases or legal battles are the most hazardous and problematic issue in life which has no instant solution. Everyone wishes to stay away from any legal complications in life weather due to marriage, money, physical harm, rule breaking, frauds etc.

Astrology is the only science which can predict legal complications in life and an Astrologer can predict issues of winning and losing a court case by decoding planetary position, placement, state, combination in horoscope of that particular native. Talk to Astrologer now to get effective remedies for Court Case, Litigation and Legal problems.

Planets responsible for court case Mainly:- Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Ketu and to some extent Sun.

remedies to get rid of court cases

Houses responsible for Court related matters/Legal issues:-

1st House deals about:- You and Yourself
6th house:- deals with legal disputes, litigations, etc
7th house:- 7th house deals with opponent, negotiations, agreement
8th house:- long terms obstacles, short solution, sudden difficulties, money matters, matters of alimony.
12th house :- Punishment from law/Judiciary, for example- if your 6th lord , 8th lord or 12th lord ids weak and placed in 12th house then chances of judiciary punishment and sometimes imprisonment is very much possible.

Lawsuit Yoga in Horoscope or Kundli in Vedic Astrology:-

If Saturn is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house in Horoscope under the influence of Rahu or Sun then native may get involve in long legal battle for some years in life.

If Mars is placed in 6th house 8thhouse , 12th house under the influence of Saturn, Rahu, or Sun the native might get involve in legal complications.

If sun is in 6th house or 12th house under the influence of Saturn or Rahu the native might get involve in legal complications but only for short period of time.

If Mercury or Ketu presence or influence is on 6th or 8th house yields the money related fund related issues might crop up in native’s life. Someone might sue you for fraud as well.

Presence of Venus or Jupiter on 6th or 12th house save native from long battle of court case or imprisonment but native might lose some money in legal dealings.

Compromise situation and result in court case according to Vedic Astrology:-

Influence of auspicious planets like Jupiter and Venus on 7th house sort out court case and legal complications easily by compromising in court. Many times opponent and you both will comprise and gains 50%. It gives much relief from legal matters very easily and quickly in life.

Winning Court case Yoga in Horoscope:-

Strong presence or influence of Saturn , Rahu or sun on 11th house gives much chance of winning in legal matters but only after some initial trouble.

Presence or influence of Sun or Rahu on 6th house gives easy and quick win court case if there is no other inauspicious influence or yoga in Horoscope.

No Legal issue in life:-

Venus or Jupiter presence or influence on 8th house protects native from any legal complications in life.
Long Battle in court case:- Bad influence of Saturn or Rahu as malefic on horoscope on 6th, 8th and 12th house makes native suffer from long legal battle and lot of loss of money.

8th house significance in court case:-

Presence of auspicious planets or influence of auspicious benefic planet on 8th house cause gain of alimony, inheritance and win over a court case matters especially involving money. Malefic planets influence on 8th house causes great loss of money and sometimes dejection from society along with long term imprisonment.

12th house significance in court case:-

Presence or influence of Strong benefic planets on 12th house save you from long court case battle or imprisonment but might give you loss of money in good scale. On the other hand, presence or influence of strong malefic planets on 12th house might land in jail for long period of time.

Death sentence through court and its yoga in Vedic astrology:-

Cluster or combination of malefic planets on 2nd house, 8th house and 12th house in horoscope might make native go through imprisonment and might face death sentence after trials in court.

Astrological and Vedic Remedies to get rid of court case/Legal Battles:-

Worship Maa Bagalamukhi daily and recite her mantra 108 times daily.
Offer Water to Rising Sun.
Wear 7 faced Rudraksha Mala in neck
Do Havan from Neem Leaves at home
Do Chakra Healing in Energy center like in Manipur


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