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Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra

DateFebruary 6, 2020

About Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini nakshatra is the first of 27. It falls under the zodiac sign of Aries or Mesha. This Nakshatra is ruled by celestial twins, Ashwin Kumaras – Dashra and Nasatya, the divine physicians to the Gods. The symbol of this nakshatra is the horse`s head. The deity of this nakshatra is Ketu.

This nakshatra is characterised by Shidhra Vyapani Shakthi – the power to quickly heal and reach things.

Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra

In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Ashwini pleasant appearance, manners and intelligence.

Positive traits of Ashwini

Those with Moon in Ashwini are blessed with intelligence, attractiveness, humility, truthful, and ambitious. They possess a strong desire to render service to others. They are energetic, magnetic, and quick in speech and actions. They reflect acute sharpness with intellectual agility.

They prefer speed to efficiency in all matters. They are immensely action oriented and result oriented with swiftness lying at the core of their behaviour.

They are righteous, spiritual with a philanthropic outlook. Their spirit of ambition makes them to create something on their own, as they are very creative. They climb the ladder of success in their chosen profession.

They have leadership qualities with organisational skills which make them good leaders and capable administrators.

They are popular with friends and relatives owing to their inherent goodness and comforting nature.

They make excellent psychologists and therapists due to their excellent listening skills. They are best advisors to persons in agony.

Negative traits of Ashwini

Those born under this star have passion for animals and vehicles. Ashwini is called the star of transport.

However they are prone to negative trait of rash impulsiveness. Stubbornness and revengefulness are other negative traits that these people suffer from.

They are headstrong, childish, irresponsible and inconsiderate. While carrying out an action they do not weigh the pros and cons. They are seen mostly in a desperate mood lacking mental peace.

They come across as people who are stingy. But they tend to spend more than their capacity as they like pomp and extravagance.

Regular prayers to Lord Ganesha will immensely benefit the natives of this nakshatra. They will be able to overcome the limitations of their personality.

Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra

Marriage compatibility for Ashwini nakshatra males and females

Ashwini nakshatra men are most compatible with Ashwini, Pushya, Mrigshira and Shravana nakshatra women. They may not be compatible with Moola and Shatabhisha females. Ashwini, Swati and Revati nakshatras are good for Ashwini females, while Uttara Phalguni and Purva Bhadprada are not suitable.

Ashwini Nakshatra Male Physical Features

Ashwini Nakshatra males will be handsome with bright eyes, a broad forehead and a slightly large nose.

Ashwini Nakshatra Male General Characteristics:

Ashwini Nakshatra males are generally calm and quiet, but they get their work done without much fuss. This is more so with natives born between April 14th and April 28th, when the sun transits his exaltation place in Ashwini and between October 14th and October 28th, when the sun transits his debilitation place in Svati. It is said that even Yama, the God of Death, will not be able to change his mind. But those born under Ashwini Nakshatra in other months will be less stubborn.

He is loyal to those who love him and will make any sacrifice for them. Ashwini Nakshatra males make good friends. He will be patient even when there is great danger. But it will be nearly impossible to control him if he goes berserk. He hates criticism and regards advice from others as manipulation. His actions are slow but well planned. He is not impulsive and considers the pros and cons before taking any action. He is immune to influences. He sticks to his decisions, good or bad. He believes in God but is not one for religious or other sentiments. He is old-fashioned but in a modern way. Despite his intelligence, he tends to blow issues out of proportion. Due to this, he will lack mental peace. He will insist on keeping his surroundings neat and clean.

Education and employment for Ashwini Nakshatra males:

A jack of all trades, he loves literary pursuits and music. Until his 30th year, he will face much hardships and obstacles. After his 30th year, he will experience steady progress until his 55th year. He is likely to be stingy but spends more than he earns due to his love for pomp and show. He will indulge his desires come what may.

Marriage and family life of Ashwini Nakshatra males:

He is usually devoted to his family. But he may be estranged from his family members due to his stubborn behavior. Affection from the father may not be present but he may have help from his maternal uncle. Those who are not part of his family are more likely to help him. Marriage may take place between 26 to 30 years.

Ashwini Nakshatra Female Physical Features:

She has bright fish-shaped eyes and a magnetic appearance.

Ashwini Nakshatra Female General Characteristics:

She attracts people with her sweet speech. She is very patient but may have a few sexual dalliances. She has a pure heart and always respects elders.

Education and employment for Ashwini Nakshatra females

After she turns 50, she may quit her job, if employed, or seek voluntary retirement. This is because her financial situation would have improved by then and she may not need to work for a living. Instead, she will be busy taking care of her family or doing social work. She will do well in the Indian Administrative Service or similar jobs.

Marriage and family life of Ashwini Nakshatra females:

Marriage may happen between 23 years to 26 years of age. Early marriage, (before 23), is not favorable as it may end in divorce, separation or even death of the spouse. She may have more daughters than sons. She takes great interest in her children. Ashwini women like cleanliness and they are always cleaning the house. They will also compel others to do the same.


Her health is mostly good. Needless tension and anxiety may cause some ailments. If it spirals out of control, mild brain disorder may occur late in life. She should be cautious when cooking or handling fire. She is prone to motor vehicle accidents.


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