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Characteristics and Personality of Libra

On November 30, 2015

Libra Zodiac Sign You are a joy for all who meet you, dear Libra. Your balanced approach in your relationships and social engagements makes others want to gravitate around you.

Your inner qualities harmonize your environment and create a space for grace.

Parashara—one of the fathers of Vedic astrology (or Jyotish) and author of many classical texts on this subject—called you “level headed and graceful.”

Your gentle and modest demeanor creates an atmosphere for peace and diplomacy where others feel comfortable, because they are at ease and resonate with your actions and speech. Your natural gift is in bringing fairness in your relationship and getting along well with all in your work environment or the social arena.


Your Favorable Traits

  • Compromise
  • Fairness
  • Elegance
  • Creativity
  • Diplomacy
  • Devotion
  • Artistic tendencies
  • Beauty in your environment
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Popularity

Your Unfavorable Traits to Avoid

  • Indecisiveness
  • Association with unethical individuals
  • Dispersion of energy through excessively pleasing others

Your Ruling Planet

Venus—planet of love, romance, beauty, sensual pleasures, arts, charms.

Birth Stars

Three nakshatras (or stars) with different rulers further define Libras.

Chitra: Its name means “bright light.” This star is ruled by the planet Mars and Vishwakarma, the Architect of the Gods. It makes one attractive and beautiful and gives creative talents. It bestows great capacities for design and beautiful creations, such as fashion, architectures and arts. Chitra grants also social graces.

Swati: Star ruled by the lunar node and planet Rahu and Vayu, the Vedic God of wind. Those born in Swati are graceful and flexible. They easily adjust to their environment and make good diplomats. They are communicative, creative and modest, but a bit restless. Swati born people need grounding through meditation and pranayama (or breathing exercises).

Vishaka: Star ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and inspiration, and Indra, king of the Gods. Another ruler of Vishaka is Agni, the primordial God of sacred fire. People born in Vishaka have leadership abilities and their focused intentions make them both patient and successful in their chosen field. The energy of Vishaka brings monetary gains and makes them passionate.

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback


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