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Libra Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,116
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Libra, the sign that is As the seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra represents a sense of balance. For Libra, Harmony is the keyword, Beauty, their quality and Fair play is their identity. The Latin word Libra means, Balance or Scales. The Scales are their symbol which represents equilibrium. Venus is their key planet, which denotes love and desire. Air is their element, which points to being in a state of motion and change. Libra is highly balanced, who is also wise, fair and smart. They are peace-loving people, who are level headed, honest and diplomatic. But they tend to be fickle minded and unsteady.

Libra Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Libra is an incorrigible romantic. Governed by Venus, a Libra man possesses a very keen sense of beauty and love. If there is one force which drives them on earth, it can only be love. But, for them, love doesn’t merely remain an intense liking or fondness for physical things, or lust. It operates on a much higher plane of idealism. It is only ideal love for the Librans, who regard love itself as their ideal. They too have a keen perception of beauty, which manifests as their deep appreciation of nature, any work of art or any form of aesthetic creativity. A thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever, but for Librans, anything beautiful becomes loveable too. If one side of the coin is romance, the other side has to be charm. Libran men are natural charmers, who have pleasing manners, and very appealing, interpersonal skills. Their company will be enjoyable and conversation, engaging and meaningful.
The traditional scales, the Libra symbol, can be seen moving from side to side trying to strike a balance, and the Librans remain true to their symbol. The Libra men will almost always be trying to strike a balance between extremes, choosing the middle path especially in case of disputes, trying for conciliation between the sides and arriving at solutions, that are acceptable to both sides. Tasks as these are unenviable, which require great tact and diplomacy. Libran men are endowed with these skills and are well known for their tactfulness and diplomacy. They have immense patience to hear all the differing points of view, the intelligence to see issues from all sides, the tact to take care of the tangible needs while appealing to the emotions, and the diplomatic skill to douse the fire and clinch the issue, by arriving at the most practical of the possible solutions. They make such onerous tasks possible, on the basis of their great sense of justice and fair play, which the Librans have a well-known reputation for. They are inherently honest people, who are open-minded and just, and normally take recourse only to fair means for achieving things and getting what they want. Cunningness is alien to them, and they take justifiable pride in being straight forward. While one side of the scales sees the high, the other side has to remain in the low. The Libran too, do have their quota of shortcomings. Taking a decision remains perhaps, the most difficult task for a Libra man. He swings from side to side, sees one point of view and then the other, weighs all the options and its implications, struggles to arrive at a decision which is most effective and beneficial, and at the same time, is also fair to all concerned; and in the process, often ends up not taking any decision at all! Give a choice and tell him to choose the best, and one can find a Libran getting thoroughly confused and tying himself up in knots. Librans are indecisive and this remains their greatest impediment for their own success and welfare. This sort of an oscillating nature makes them unreliable, as they keep on changing their mind, and becoming somewhat unpredictable and at times, contradictory. They love beauty but can get carried away by superficialities. They love harmony and don’t like displeasing people. This makes them almost impossible to say NO, and they end up saying ‘yes’, even their answer is actually a ‘no’. They love the comforts and luxuries of life, are prone for over indulgence and become lazy, to the extent of being referred to in lighter vein as ‘Lazy Libra’. Romancing a Libra man will be like romancing, romance itself with all its associated charm. As a lover, husband and father, he will be loving, caring and affectionate, and will be a complete and conscientious family man. But he may cause disquiet with his fickleness and ambiguity. Some Libra men may have a roving eye for other women and may need to be kept in check with understanding and tact. If they can dwell on their strengths and spread love, beauty, harmony and justice around, and have a check on his capricious nature and improve their decision taking ability, the Libra men can become adorable individuals, who are loved, emulated and followed.

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