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Mahakaleshwar Jyothirlingam Temple

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Introduction to Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple:

Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple is situated in the town of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The temple is located on the sacred Bhairav hills on the bank of River Shipra. Ujjain city is also called as Sapta Puri because it is one of the seven sacred cities of the world. This is both a “Shakthi Peetam”, and also a “Jyothirlingam”. The Shiva Lingam is said to be “Suyambu”, or self-manifested. Lord Shiva is worshipped as “LambaKarna”, where the word Lamba denotes long. The city is also called Avantika, which denotes a beautiful city. It is very popular and attracts a lot of pilgrims, as it is highly unique. This is the only Jyothirlingam, where tantric rituals are being followed.

History and Legend of Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple:

Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple

It is believed that Lord Krishna worshipped in this temple. He prayed to the Goddess to gain the power to kill the demon Jarasandan. The demon was giving a lot of trouble to people. After the demon was annihilated, it is also believed that people came to this shrine to pay their tributes. This is also one of the temples which became prey to Islamic invasions and were reconstructed several times. The current structure is built by the Maratha Rulers.

It is believed that King Chandrasena, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, was ruling the kingdom happily. Once a young shepherd boy named Shikhar heard the king’s voice and rushed to help the king, thinking that the king had called for someone to rescue him. But, Shikhar was insulted and was thrown near the banks of the river Shipra. Several years later. King Ripudamana and King Singhaditya planned to attack and plunder the kingdom of Chandrasena, with the help of the invisible Demon Dushan. Shikhar came to know the plan and worshipped Lord Shiva to save the city and the king from the clutches of the demon and also from the wrath of the enemies. Shrikhar and Vridhi, who were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, also joined in the worship and requested Lord Shiva to stay in the city. Since Lord Shiva was moved by their devotion, he agreed to live in the city and bless the people.

The Architecture of Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple:

This is built in the Narad style of architecture. The temple is five-layered, and the Linga of Lord Shiva is self-manifested. The main temple is located on a hill, facing a sea. The temple has four entry gates in all four directions of the temple. The temple has two pillars. There are hundreds of lamps lit in this temple every day. This temple was built during the period of the Maratha kings. The temple also has other shrines for Lord Ganesha, Lord Karthikeya, and Goddess Harsiddhi, which are found between the shrines of Goddess Annapurna and Mahalakshmi. The Goddess is painted with vermilion and adorned with red silk saree. It is one of the temples where tantric worship is in practice. “Shree Yantra”, the powerful metal plate, is kept in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Festivals Related to Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple:

Festivals like Navaratri and Maha Shiva Ratri are celebrated with a lot of pomp. Durga Pooja receives a lot of importance.

Benefits of Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple:

It is believed that Lord Shiva will help his devotees to remove obstacles in their lives, and free them from death and diseases. If people take a dip in the temple tank called “Koti Theertha”, Lord Shiva will curb their birth-death cycle, and enhance their positive karma.

How to reach Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple:
By Air

The nearest international airport is in Indore, which is 52 km from Ujjain. This is both a national and an international airport. It is advisable to take roadways from the airport.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to the temple is in Ujjain. This station connects the city with other major cities of India.

By Road

Various buses connect to the city of Ujjain. Local transports and private transports are also available in plenty.

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