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Tarkeshwar Temple

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Introduction to Tarkeshwar Temple

Tarkeshwar Temple is dedicated to Prabhu Taraknath, a form of Shiva, situated in Tarakeswar city, Hooghly district, West Bengal. It is an important Hindu temple for Bengalis. In the name of Taraknath, Shiva is revered in this holy place. Taraknath blesses his devotees here in the fiery form of Shiva, who swallowed poison during the Samudra Manthan.

Tarkeshwar Temple has been renovated several times. It represents a typical Bengali style of architecture. Pilgrims often confuse the temple with Tarakeshwara Temple in Karnataka, but the presiding deity is Shiva in both temples.

Legend of the Tarkeshwar Temple

Tarkeshwar Temple

According to the legend of the temple, Shiva appeared in the dreams of his devotees and showed a deep forest close to Tarakeshwar city to find the Shiva Linga. Shiva had shown his interest in building a temple there. Taraknath appeared in the dream of Raja Bharmal Rao and asked him to erect a temple in that spot to prove his devotion. The temple came up later around the Swayambhu Linga, referred to as "Baba Taraknath," in 1729 AD. Tarkeshwar Temple sees many pilgrims and devotees all through the year.

The Architecture of the Tarkeshwar Temple

The structure showcases the Bengal style of temple architecture. Devotees can see a "Natmandir" in front of it. There are shrines of Goddess Kali and Lakshmi Narayana in the east of the temple, Shiv Ganga Temple in the west, and Damodar Thakur in the north. Dudhpukur, a tank, is north of the Tarkeshwar Temple. The temple has a sanctum along with a balcony. Devotees can worship Shiva in an idol form at the center of the sanctum. There are four sides to the patio with a marble pathway.

The veranda has three-vaulted railings on its roof. Devotees can assemble in the assemblage hall in front of the tetra-faced veranda. It is one of the oldest temples in West Bengal, dating back to the 18th century. The Tarkeshwar Temple was patronized by the powerful Chola dynasty. The main structure is made of granite. Raja Raja Chola I, in the later years, altered and rebuilt the Tarkeshwar Temple. The temple is recognized by UNESCO as one of "the great Chola temples."

Festivals of Tarkeshwar Temple

Though devotees visit the temple throughout the year, Mondays are more crowded than other days. During the occasion of Shivratri, devotees fly from all corners of the world to receive his blessings. As Shravan month is auspicious for Shiva, special Poojas are performed every day. During Srabani Mela, held every July-August, devotees throng to the temple for Darshan of the deity.

On April 13, Bengalis celebrate "Neel Puja." Married women perform this Pooja by fasting and pouring milk on the Shiva Lingam. This Pooja is done to Shiva to receive his blessings for their children and husbands.

During the Gajan festival, "Charak Pooja" is performed. Devotees worship the Charak tree because many Sanyasis performed penance near the tree. It is performed on April 14 of every year.

Benefits of Worshipping in Tarkeshwar Temple

Tarkeshwar Temple is a very famous pilgrimage center, and devotees come here to fulfill their wishes. They pray to the deity for wealth, knowledge, peace, materialistic desires, relief from disease, and salvation.

How to reach Tarkeshwar Temple?
By Road

Pilgrims and devotees can find many buses from Howrah, Dharmatala, and Chinsura to Temple City. They can even reach the Tarkeshwar Temple by cab.

By Train

Tarakeshwar Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the temple. Within 1 km, devotees can reach the spot from the station. They can get an auto, a local bus, or a cab.

By Air

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, is the nearest airport to the Tarkeshwar Temple. As the temple is 32 km from the airport, devotees can get buses and private cabs to reach the place.

Tarkeshwar Temple Timings
  • Morning Pooja - 6:00 am to 1:30 pm
  • Evening Pooja - 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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