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Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

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Introduction to Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

Delhi is well known for its temple heritage. One of the famous temples in Delhi is the Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple, located in the backyard of the Old Fort known as Purana Qila. The temple is also a popular tourist spot in Delhi. Bhairav, or Shiva, is the main deity of this temple.

Legend of Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

The history of this temple dates back to around 5000 years ago. Bheema worshipped here and got siddhis in this temple after winning the Mahabharat war. The Pandavas were believed to have built this temple. They once performed a fire ceremony in Indraprastha, a place in today's Delhi. At that time, the evil spirits present there disturbed their ritual. According to Krishna's advice, Bheema, one of the Pandava princes, went to Varanasi to pray to Bhairav.

Bhairav, a fierce incarnation of Shiva, was the deity of all evil spirits. The leader of evil spirits, Bhairav, agreed to go with Bheema as a stone image. But, Bheema could not take the stone image with him to their destination for some reason. Yet, Bhairav blessed the Pandavas and said that he would protect the rites with his cries like a child. That is how the deity got the name Kilkari Bhairav. The complete name of this temple is Pandav Kaleen Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple.

The Architecture of Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

The temple reflects the North Indian style of architecture. The temple has two wings: the Doodhiya Bhairav temple and the Sri Kilkari Bhairav temple. The idol of Bhairav in the Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple does not have an entire human body. The deity has only a head with two large eyes in blue color and a trident. The idols in this temple are constructed in white marble, giving a classic look.

Along with Bhairav, there are also other deities. There is a cow-like structure built in concrete. The udder of the cow serves as a water tap in this temple.

Festivals of Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

The Bhairav Jayanti, the festival which marks the birthday of Bhairav, is celebrated in this temple. The Kaal Bhairav Ashtami is a day dedicated to Bhairav when people observe a fast and offer prayers. Shivratri is celebrated here as the Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple is dedicated to Bhairav, one of the forms of Shiva. Hanuman Jayanti is another festival which is celebrated here.

The temple has two wings, and the devotees of the Doodhiya Bhairav temple offer milk to the deity. In contrast, the devotees of the Sri Kilkari temple offer alcohol to the deity. The devotees can offer alcohol or milk to offer their prayers. It is the only temple where the devotees offer alcohol to the deity Bhairav.

Benefits of Worshipping at Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple

Bhairav grants all the prayers of his devotees and protects them from fear. People who want to get rid of evil spirits and their past and present sins come to the Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple for worship.

How to reach Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple
By Road

There are regular buses near the destination. Also, devotees can use private vehicles to reach Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple within a few minutes.

By Rail

The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan or the Indraprastha metro station. Pilgrims can also get to the temple from the Delhi railway station, 20 minutes from the temple.

By Air

The nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi international airport, 15km away from the temple. It is the biggest airport in the country, where people can get regular flights to all cities.

Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple Timings

The temple remains open from 5.00 am to 12.00 pm & 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm. On Sundays, devotees can have darshan from 5.00 am to 10.00 pm.

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