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Santala Devi Temple

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Introduction to Santala Devi Temple

The Santala Devi Temple is an ancient pilgrimage spot located 15 km away from Dehradun. It lies between a hill and dense green forests and overlooks the River Nun Nandi. The temple stands at 2083 meters height from sea level. This famous temple enshrines Goddess Santala, an incarnation of Durga, and her brother, Santaur Singh. "Santaura Devi temple" and "Santaula Devi temple" are the other names of this temple. It is also close to several waterfalls and natural pools. This temple has great cultural and religious significance.

Legend of the Santala Devi Temple

 Santala Devi Temple

According to the Santala Devi Temple legend, a Mughal king had an interest in marrying Santala, the daughter of the Nepal King. The Mughal king forced her to marry him. To escape from him, Princess Santala went to Dehradun and started living with her brother Santaur Singh.

The Mughals reached Dehradun in search of Santala. They found them and attacked both Santala and her brother. However, they resisted the Mughal army bravely. At some point, the siblings realized they could not withstand the attack. So, they surrendered to the deity and prayed to her to save them. Suddenly, a bright light flashed on both. They immediately turned into stone idols. Later, a temple came up in the place.

It is also said that in the 16th century, soldiers visited the temple for daily Pooja. An English officer who has no children came to know about the magical powers of Santala Devi. He worshipped at the temple and was blessed with a child within a year. Since then, couples who do not have children pray to Santala Devi to bless them with progeny.

It was on a Saturday that Santala Devi and her brother turned into stone idols. So, every Saturday, devotees visit the temple to worship her, as they consider Saturday to be the day of Santala Devi.

The Architecture of Santala Devi Temple

The Santala Devi Temple features a traditional North Indian style of temple architecture.

The temple is made of stone, and the roof is of slate. It consists of several structures, including the main temple building, a smaller shrine dedicated to Shiva, and several other smaller shrines. The main temple building is a three-story structure with a pyramid-shaped roof. Santala Devi Temple is built on a raised platform that is accessed by steps.

The temple's facade has intricate carvings and sculptures depicting various Hindu deities and Hindu mythology scenes. The main entrance to the temple is a large ornate doorway with a colorful archway above it.

Inside the temple is the sanctum sanctorum, where the idol of Santala Devi is installed. The idol is made of black stone. She is adorned with gold and silver jewelry. Frescoes and paintings depicting scenes from Hindu mythology cover the sanctum walls. The Santala Devi Temple also has a small museum that showcases various ancient artifacts and statues related to Hindu mythology.

Santala Devi Temple Highlights

Santala Devi Temple is famous for its legends. Earlier, people used to offer animal sacrifice at the temple, which has now been stopped. The temple offers mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset as it stands on a hilltop. There is another famous temple near the Santala Devi Temple called Tapkeshwar Temple. It is also quite famous.

Festivals in Santala Devi Temple

Navratri, Durga Pooja, Diwali, Janmashtami, Shivratri, and Holi are the main festivals of Santala Devi Temple.

Benefits of Worshipping at Santala Devi Temple

Devotees believe that the deity can protect them from evil forces and help them overcome life's challenges. Infertile couples visit the Santala Devi Temple for progeny blessings.

How to Reach Santala Devi Temple
By Road

ISBT Dehradun is the nearest bus stand which is 17.3 km away from the Santala Devi temple. Pilgrims can opt for trekking which is 2 km from the Punjabiwala village.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Dehradun railway station. It is a 13 km distance.

By Air

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, 28 km from the Santala Devi Temple, is the nearest airport.

Santala Devi Temple Timings

The Santala Devi Temple remains open from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm daily. Devotees flock here on Saturdays and Sundays.

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