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Kartik Swami

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Introduction to Kartik Swami Temple

Kartik Swamy Temple is the only temple of Kartikeya in Uttarakhand state. It lies on a hilltop at a height of 3048 meters in Kanak Chauri village, Rudraprayag district. From its top, pilgrims can enjoy a 360-degree view of the Himalayan peaks, namely, Chaukhamba Peak, Dronagiri, and Neelkanth. The magnificent views of the snow-clad Himalayas from the Kartik Swami Temple fill the heart with delight. The temple enshrines Kartikeya (Muruga), the younger son of Shiva.

Legend of the Kartik Swami Temple

Kartik Swami Temple

The legend of the Kartik Swami Temple explains that once Shiva asked Ganesha and Kartik to circumambulate the universe seven times. Kartik flew off on his divine vehicle, the peacock, for the expedition. But, Ganesha just circumambulated his parents, saying that they were his universe.

When Kartik returned, he came to know about how his brother Ganesha had won the contest. He became furious and sacrificed his flesh to his mother, Parvati, and bones to his father, Shiva.

Some Puranas explain that Kartik got angry, left Kailash, and arrived at Kronch Parvat. Some legends also say that he went to the Srisailam hills, where he was known as Skanda.

The Architecture of Kartik Swami Temple

The architecture of Kartik Swami Temple reflects the traditional North Indian style. The temple is built using stones. The temple has a sloping roof and a small entrance. Once people reach the temple, they can see stone fencing on both sides. There is a porch or Mandap at the entrance of the temple. Priests use this Mandap for performing rituals and ceremonies. It has a beautifully carved ceiling and walls, with intricate designs depicting various Hindu deities and mythological scenes.

A trident (trishul) in front of the Sanctum sanctorum is a unique feature. It is believed to be the deity's weapon and is considered sacred. The sanctum sanctorum houses a black stone idol of Kartikeya, with a golden crown on his head and a silver umbrella over his head. The idol is 3 feet in height. Many bells are seen hanging in the Mandap and also on the fencing walls.

Overall, the architecture of Kartik Swami Temple reflects the simplicity and spirituality of Hinduism. Its serene location amidst the Himalayan Mountains adds to its charm.

Festivals in Kartik Swami Temple

Kartik Purnima- on this day, the temple receives a heavy footfall of devotees. Kalash Yatra (Kartik Swami Fair) is an 11-day celebration. Makara Sankranti and Maha Shivaratri are the other main festivals celebrated in the Kartik Swami Temple.

Sandhya Aarti, chanting mantras and Maha-Bhandara, or a grand feast, is organized at the Kartik Swami Temple occasionally. It is a special attraction for devotees and tourists.

Benefits of Worshipping at Kartik Swami Temple

Devotees believe that the deity protects them from negative energies, improves their mental and physical health, and strengthens family relationships.

How to Reach the Kartik Swami Temple
By Road

The Rudraprayag bus stand is the nearest to the Kartik Swami Temple. It is a 38 km distance. From the bus stop, people can get cabs to reach the temple. One can also trek from Kanak Chauri village for 3 km.

By Rail

Rishikesh railway station is the nearest, at 161 km via NH7.

By Air

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, is the nearest airport, which is an 89.5 km distance.

Kartik Swami Temple Timings

The Kartik Swami Temple remains open from 6.00 am to 11.30 am and 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

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