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Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri

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Introduction to Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri

Puri is a famous pilgrimage town in Odisha, where the famous Bedi Hanuman Temple is located. It is one of the Ashta Mahavira Temples of Puri. This beautiful Hanuman temple lies on the seaside. Pilgrims can visit the temple on the left side of the Chakra Tirtha road leading from Subash Bose Chowk to Penthakota. Daria Hanuman temple is another name for it. Daria Mahavir is another name for the deity Bedi Hanuman. Daria means 'sea', and Mahavir implies Hanuman. It means Hanuman protects the entire Puri from the ferociousness of the sea.

Legend of Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri

The legend of the Bedi Hanuman Temple is interesting. Jagannatha assigned a task to Hanuman to protect Puri from his father-in-law, the Ocean. People suffered badly as the Ocean frequently intruded on Puri to meet his daughter Lakshmi and Jagannatha. So, to protect the people from the Ocean, Jagannatha engaged Hanuman to protect Puri from his waves. But, once Hanuman left the place and went to Ayodhya without the permission of Jagannatha. In his absence, the Ocean entered Puri and made people suffer. Jagannatha brought Hanuman back to Puri, tied him with the Bedi (rope), and ordered him not to move from there. That’s how Hanuman got his name Bedi Hanuman. Finally, Hanuman left Puri as he was fed only Khichadi as Prasadam.

Since he was fond of delicious food, Hanuman visited Ayodhya at night. After knowing this, Jagannatha ordered his servants to feed Hanuman with special Mahaprasada daily. Even today, laddoos form the special offering to Hanuman in this Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri. Since Hanuman blesses from the closest proximity to the Sea (Daria), he is called Daria Hanuman.

According to religious texts, Jagannath is the incarnation of Shri Rama. So Hanuman, the greatest Rama devotee, continues to protect the abode of Jagannatha as 'Bedi Hanuman' at Siruli in Odisha's Puri.

The Architecture of the Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri

Bedi Hanuman Temple has simple architecture. The temple faces the east direction. Its vimana is Pidha Vimana, and it is a square plan. The temple has a Panchangabada elevation. Its outer walls are the highlighting features. The idol of the main deity, Hanuman, stands at 10 feet in the sanctum sanctorum. It is made of black chlorite rock. The deity exhibits Rama and Sita in his torn heart.

On the western wall, the image of Mother Anjana holding a baby on her lap draws the eyes of the pilgrims. The deity is seated in Lalitasana over a Lotus pedestal on his mother's lap, wearing a Karanda mukuta crown. Ganesha's image is on the south wall, and images of other deities are on the north wall.

The principal deity, the two-armed Hanuman, holds a Gada (mace) in his right hand and laddoos in his left hand, blessing his devotees from the temple.

Festivals in the Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri

Hanuman Jayanti, Rama Navami, and Pana Sankranti are famous festivals in the temple. Devotees gather here on these days to celebrate the festivals.

Benefits of Worshipping at Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri

Devotees and local people believe Hanuman in the Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri saves them from the sea's fury. The deity can remove health problems, evil effects, and fears. He blesses them with good health and prosperity.

How to Reach the Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri
By Road

All state and local buses are available to reach the temple. But, the Puri bus stop is the nearest bus stop which is a 3 km distance from the temple.

By Rail

Puri Railway Station is 1.30 km from the Bedi Hanuman Temple and is the nearest railway station.

By Air

Biju Patnaik International Airport is the nearest airport to the temple, 60 km away.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Timings

The temple remains open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

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