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Sloka To Get Rid Of Natural Disasters

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Any untoward happening is sure to upset the even keel of life and cause many problems. Whatever be the nature of the occurrence, be it a physical harm, financial loss or psychological upheaval, such dangers are sure to affect a person in many ways. Of these, natural calamities like storms, floods, earthquakes etc. happen in a big scale and cause immense loss of life and destruction, and throw life out of gears.

This sloka sings the praise of Lord Sarabeswara. Saraba-Eshwara is an aspect of Lord Shiva, who is said to have taken this form to pacify the Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Saraba is regarded as a peculiar being who is mighty and ferocious. He is described in some legends as lion-headed with matted hair and a thousand arms, and having wings like a bird and eight feet. He is also portrayed variously, as dark in complexion, having a huge body, two heads, long faces, two wings, eight legs with sharp claws, and a loud, shrill voice. It is said that when Narasimha’s fury did not subside even after he destroyed of demon Hiranya, Lord Shiva took this Saraba form and brought him under control.

It is believed that reciting this Sarabeswara Moola Mantram can remove all afflictions and prevent natural disasters.

This sloka is Sarabeshwar Moola mantram. Worshipping Lord Sarabeshwar during Rahu Kalam and Pradoshakalam are considered as the best time to be blessed by the Lord.

Om Ke(y)m kam kaam pat praanakrahaasi

Praanakrahaasi hoom pat sarva sathru

Samhaaranaaya saraba saaluvaaya pakshiraajaaya

Hoompat swaahaa.


Oh Lord Sarabeshwara! You are the protector of living beings, you are the destroyer of enemies, you have a horse’s head, and you are the king of birds. I bow to you!


By chanting this powerful Mantra, all our sins are wiped off. Sage Veda Vyasa in his Linga Purana (96th Chapter) categorically states that those who worship Sri Sarabeswara, will get rid of all the afflictions caused by bad dreams, chronic ailments, poisonous bites, besides the great disasters caused by earthquakes, floods, cyclones, thunder, lightning and other such bad conglomerations.