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Sloka To Get Rid Of Ketu Afflictions

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Ketu is considered a headless half planet or as the tail of the snake, whose head was Rahu. He doesn’t really have a physical existence and remains actually as the southern lunar node, the southern point of intersection of the orbits of the Sun and the Moon. Hence, he is regarded as a Chaya Graha, the shadow planet. His colour is brown.

It is believed that Ketu will make people experience very difficult times and learn from it, and hence is known as Gnana Karaka, the one who provides wisdom through tough experiences of life. He is said to kindle spiritual tendencies and non-attachment towards worldly affairs. He is thus not a provider, but a liberator. Ketu denotes electronics, maternal ancestors, spiritual orientation, occult sciences, arts of healing and superstitions. He is regarded as a malefic planet who rules losses, separations and distress. Ketu always remains right opposite to Rahu, 180 degrees away, and takes the same period of 1 ½ years to cross over a sign and 18 years to complete a full zodiac round. Rahu and Ketu are believed to move in directions opposite to that of the other planets.


Dhoomra varnam dvajaakaaram gadha vara karadvayam

Chitraambharadharam kethum chitragandhaanulepanam

Vaidooryaabharanam chaiva vaidoorya makutojvalam

Chitram kabhodamaaruhya merum yaantamadakshinam

Kethum karaalavadanam chitravarnam kiriteenam

pranamaami sadadevam dvajaakaaram graheswaram


I always pray to Lord Ketu, who has a reddish black complexion, who displays boon and mudra in his hands, who is wearing a strange dress, who is smeared with strange sandals, who is decorated with various ornaments, who is mounted on a colorful pigeon, who is revolving Mount Meru anticlockwise and who is the Lord of all Grahas.


Chant this sloka (hymn) on the day of Ketu Peyarchi. One can also can chant this sloka every Tuesday to get the blessings of Ketu Graha(planet).

To Participate

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