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Shani Peyarchi

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Shani is perhaps the most feared of the Navagrahas, the nine planets. He is regarded as a servant in Vedic Astrology. He is believed to be the son of Surya and his spouse, Chaya, the shadow. The ring surrounding the planet on all sides is its most notable feature and this indicates Shani ruling obstacles and restrictions. His colour is blue and direction, west.

Shani represents vocation and hence is referred to as Udhyoga Karaka. He denotes hard work, blue collar jobs, aged people, iron and steel industry, drainage works and sorrow. He also represents finality and hence is said to govern death and insurmountable time. He is a powerful planet who can bestow power, prestige and fame when well placed, but can nearly destroy a person, when he is otherwise.

Shani is the slowest moving of all planets who takes 2 ½ years to pass through a zodiac sign and hence, as many as 30 years for going round the zodiac. The period of 7 ½ years that Shani takes to pass through a person’s Janmarasi, the sign of birth along with the preceding and the succeeding signs, is known as Sade Sati and is generally considered to be a trying period.

Nama krishnaaya Neelaaya shitikanta nibhayacha

Nama neela mayuukaaya neelotpala nibhayacha

Namo nirmaamsa dehaaya deegasruti jatayacha

Namo vilaasa netraaya sushkodara bhayaanaka

Nama pourushagaatraaya sthuularaamne cha te namaha

Namo nityam kshudaartaaya hyatruptaaya cha te namaha

Namo goraaya roudraaya bheeshanaaya karaaline

Namo deergaaya sooshkaaya kaala damshtra namostute

Namaste gora ruupaaya durnireekshayaaya te namaha

Namste sarvabhakshaaya valeemukha namostute

Sooryaputra namastestu bhaaskare bhayadaayine

Adhotrushte namastestu amvartaka namostute

Namo mantakate tubhyam nishprabhaaya namo namaha

Tapanaanjaata dehaaya nitya yogadharaaya cha

Gnanachakshuur namastestu kaasyapatmajasuunave

Dushto dadaasi raajyam tvam kruto harasi tatkshanaat

Devaasura manushyaashcha siddha vidhyaadharorakaa

Tvayaa vilokitastepi naasam yaanti samoolata

Prasaadham Kurume soure prantyaa hi tvamartitaha

Evam sthudhastataa sourir graharaajo mahabhalaha

Abraveechcha shanir vaakyam hrushtaroma tu bhaaskari

Preetosmi tava raajendra stothrenaane samprati

Adheyam vaa varam tubhyam preethoham pradaamicha

I meditate on Saturn whose complexion is blue as a peacock’s neck, who is very attractive, who is like the Nelotpala flower, who is lean, who has big ears, whose hair is long, whose eyes are large, who has a short stomach and who has a daunting look. You are the donor of fame and luck, who is the son of Surya, who saves devotees, who creates the deluge and who has wise eyes. Oh Lord Shani, if you are happy with the devotees you will bestow them with a kingdom. If you are angry with them you withdraw the same that very moment. Devas, Asuras, Humans, Siddhas, and Scholars, whoever it may be, if you see they get distressed. I beg you Lord Shani, to save us without harassing us much.

It is said that during the reign of King Dasaratha when Shani was about to enter Rohini Nakshatra, King Dasaratha worshipped Saturn and appeased him with his prayers. Saturn did not enter Rohini during the reign of King Dasaratha. Hence the Dasaratha Shani stotras are considered as an excellent remedy for Saturn related troubles.


Whoever chants this mantra, Saturn will never harass them.

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