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The Soundaryalahari Sloka Which Removes Sani Afflictions, Illness, Debts, Goblins, And Phantasm Dangers

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Soundarya Lahari is a sacred hymn composed by saint Adi Shankara. Soundarya is beauty and Lahari is a wave and this ‘wave of beauty’ indeed remains as a literary work of remarkable beauty. This sings the praise of Goddess Shakthi and underscores her divine grace and boundless compassion in 100 slokas.

Shakthi is the universal mother and is the personification of the ultimate feminine power. She is pure energy. She is also Parvathi, the gentle aspect of the Goddess and being the consort of Lord Shiva, she remains as his power too. She is also known in many other names such as Devi, Sati, Durga, Kali, Tripura Sundari, Annapurna, Akhilandeswari, Lalitha Tripurasundari and Adi Parashakthi. This benevolent Goddess is said to govern aspects like fertility, love and devotion and her worship is believed to bestow the devotees with auspiciousness and all round benefits.

Shani or Saturn is perhaps the most feared of planets. Astrology regards him as a servant. Shani represents a person’s vocation. He also denotes aged people, hard work and menial labour. This powerful planet can do immense good when well placed, but can nearly destroy a person, when unfavourable.

This Soundarya Lahari sloka can act as a protective shield against Shani afflictions and prove to be a good antidote for its ill effects



Shani (Saturn) Graha rewards or curses according to our Karma. This sloka (hymn) describes about Saturn.

Neelanjana Samaapaasam Raviputram Yamaagrajam

Chayaa Maarthaanda Samboodham Tham Namaami Shanaishwaram


Oh Shani Graha! You have a dark blue complexion which is shining well; you are the son of Surya and his wife Chaya and elder brother of Yama. I bow to you!


This is a sloka (hymn) of Soundarya Lahari (Waves of Beauty) written by Shri Adi Shankracharya. The verses of the sloka eulogize the beauty of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

Tvaya hrithva vamam vapu Raparitripthena manasa

Sariraardham sambho raparamapi sankhe hrithamabhut;

Yadethat tvadrupam sakala marunabham trinayanam

Kuchabhya manamram kutila-sasi-chuudala-makutam


O Mother! A doubt arises in me that you might have taken over the right half too of the body of Lord Siva, perhaps not being satisfied to be only in his left half. Just because of this you are in the color of red ,the rising sun, adorned with a sparkling appearance and three eyes, shaped bosom and curvy body, and you wear a crown with the crescent moon.


Chant this sloka (hymn) to reduce the malefic effects of Saturn. It can impart healthy life, resolve debts and remove the fear of goblins, phantasms and danger.

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