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The Soundaryalahari Song Which Removes Ketu Dosha, Poverty And Illness

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Soundarya Lahari is a sacred hymn composed by saint Adi Shankara. Soundarya is beauty and Lahari is a wave and this ‘wave of beauty’ indeed remains as a literary work of remarkable beauty. This sings the praise of Goddess Shakthi and underscores her divine grace and boundless compassion in 100 slokas.

Shakthi is the universal mother and is the personification of the ultimate feminine power. She is pure energy. She is also Parvathi, the gentle aspect of the Goddess and being the consort of Lord Shiva, she remains as his power too. She is also known in many other names such as Devi, Sati, Durga, Kali, Tripura Sundari, Annapurna, Akhilandeswari, Lalitha Tripurasundari and Adi Parashakthi. This benevolent Goddess is said to govern aspects like fertility, love and devotion and her worship is believed to bestow the devotees with auspiciousness and all round benefits.

Mythology regards Ketu as a headless half planet or as the tail of the snake, whose head is Rahu. He is actually the southern lunar node who doesn’t have a physical existence and hence is a Chaya Graha, the shadow planet. Ketu is a malefic planet who can make people undergo bitter experiences and become wiser out of it.

This Soundarya Lahari sloka can be an effective remedy against Ketu Dosha.


Ketu is one of the Navagrahas (nine planets) in Vedic astrology and is paired with Rahu. Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. This sloka describes about Ketu Graha.

Palaasa Pushpa Sangaasam Taraka Grahaha Masthakam

Rowdram Rowdraatmagam Goram Tham Ketum Pranamaamyaham


I bow to Ketu Graha whose color is that of Palasa Flower, who serves as the head of the Stars and Planets, who is violent and whose form is fearsome.


This is a sloka (hymn) of Soundarya Lahari (Waves of Beauty) written by Shri Adi Shankracharya. The verses of the sloka eulogize the grace and munificence of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

Tvadanyah paanibhyo mabhayavarado daivataganah

Tvameka naivaasi prakatita varaabhityabhinayaha

Bhayat tratum datum phalamapi cha vanchaa samadhikam

Saranya lokanam tava hi charanaveva nipunav 


Except you, mother, all Gods assure refuge to this entire world and grant wishes only by their hand maintaining the Abhaya Hastha Mudra posture. But you never show the world such gestures with your hands, bestowing boons and refuge from fear that only you can give. Indeed, your holy feet are good enough in removing fear for ever and granting boons much in excess of what we asked.


Chant this sloka (hymn) on Saturdays. Recitation of these slokas can erase the Ketu dosha, remove poverty and illness.

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