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The Soundaryalahari Song Which Removes Chevvai Affliction And Win Over Enemies

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Soundarya Lahari is a sacred hymn composed by saint Adi Shankara. Soundarya is beauty and Lahari is a wave and this ‘wave of beauty’ indeed remains as a literary work of remarkable beauty. This sings the praise of Goddess Shakthi and underscores her divine grace and boundless compassion in 100 slokas.

Shakthi is the universal mother and is the personification of the ultimate feminine power. She is pure energy. She is also Parvathi, the gentle aspect of the Goddess and being the consort of Lord Shiva, she remains as his power too. She is also known in many other names such as Devi, Sati, Durga, Kali, Tripura Sundari, Annapurna, Akhilandeswari, Lalitha Tripurasundari and Adi Parashakthi. This benevolent Goddess is said to govern aspects like fertility, love and devotion and her worship is believed to bestow the devotees with auspiciousness and all round benefits.

Chevvai or Mangal or Mars is the commander among planets. Being a high energy planet, he is aggressive. Chevvai represents courage, armed forces, land and engineering. An afflicted Chevvai can give rise to timidity, lack of confidence and short temper. This Soundarya Lahari sloka will be quite effective for Chevvai afflictions and can provide good relief against their negative effects.

Angaraka (Mangal or Chevvai) is a planet which signifies energy, willpower and confidence etc., This Sloka (Hymn) describes about Chandra (Moon).


Dharani Garbha Samboodham Vidhyuthkaanthi Samaprabham

Kumaaram Sakthi Sastham Cha Mangalam Pranamaamyaham


Oh Angaraka, you born from the earth, your effulgence is like that of lightning, you have the other name viz., Kumara, you hold a spear called Shakti in your hand. I bow to you!


Tatillekhathanvim Thapana Sasi Vaisvanaramayim

Nishannam Shannamapyupari Kamalanam Tava Kalaam

Maha-padmatavyam Mrditamama Mayena Manasa

Mahantah Pasyanto Dadhati Paramaahladalaharim

This is a sloka (hymn) of Soundarya Lahari (Waves of Beauty) written by Shri Adi Shankracharya. The sloka (verses) eulogize the beauty, grace and munificence of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.


Oh Mother! Anandavalli! You are in the form of a streak of lightning and the glory of the Sun, Moon and Fire and seated in the great Lotus forest, above the six yogic chakras. Even sages who sacrifice Kama and Maya also worship you and enjoy endless joy in their minds.


Recitation of these slokas (hymns) could help to develop a determined attitude, reduce violence and becoming brave and courageous.

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