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The Soundaryalahari Song Which Removes Chandra Graha Afflictions And Promotes Growth And Removes Obstacles

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Soundarya Lahari is a sacred hymn composed by saint Adi Shankara. Soundarya is beauty and Lahari is a wave and this ‘wave of beauty’ indeed remains as a literary work of remarkable beauty. This sings the praise of Goddess Shakthi and underscores her divine grace and boundless compassion in 100 slokas.

Shakthi is the universal mother and is the personification of the ultimate feminine power. She is pure energy. She is also Parvathi, the gentle aspect of the Goddess and being the consort of Lord Shiva, she remains as his power too. She is also known in many other names such as Devi, Sati, Durga, Kali, Tripura Sundari, Annapurna, Akhilandeswari, Lalitha Tripurasundari and Adi Parashakthi. This benevolent Goddess is said to govern aspects like fertility, love and devotion and her worship is believed to bestow the devotees with auspiciousness and all round benefits.

Chandra or Moon is the queen planet. It is calm and cold. The Moon governs the mind, feelings and emotions, and shapes the personality of an individual. An afflicted Moon can essentially affect peace of mind.

This Soundarya Lahari sloka can help to ward off the effects of Chandra Graha afflictions.

Chandra (Moon) is a planet which signifies growth, desires and passion etc., This Sloka (Hymn) describes about Chandra (Moon)


Datishankha Tushaarabham Ksheerodhaarnava Samutbhavam

Namaami Sasinam Somam Shambhor makutabhooshanam


I prostrate to the Moon who is as white as yogurt, the conch shell and snow, who is born from Ksheerasagar (ocean of milk) and who decorates the head of Lord Shiva as an Ornament.


Na che devam devo na khalu kusalah spanditum api

Atastwaa maaraadhyaam Hari Hara Virinchaadibhirapi

Pranantum Sthothum Vaa K athamakrita Punyah Prabhavati.

This is a sloka (hymn) of Soundarya Lahari (Waves of Beauty) written by Shri Adi Shankracharya. The verses of the sloka eulogize the beauty, grace and munificence of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.


OhDevi! Lord Shiva who created the entire world is empowered to create only if He is enjoined with you. Without you, Lord Shiva is Powerless to move even a small thing. The Trimurtis, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and others also worship you. In that case, without the good effects of yester deeds how can one worship you?


Recitation of these slokas (hymns) can increase the positive results of Chandra the Moon. One can attain growth, and obstacles can also be removed.

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