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Sloka To Get Rid Of Shani Afflictions

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Shani is perhaps the most feared of the Navagrahas, the nine planets. He is regarded as a servant in Vedic Astrology. He is believed to be the son of Surya and his spouse, Chaya, the shadow. The ring surrounding the planet on all sides is its most notable feature and this denotes Shani’s obstructing and restricting attributes. His colour is blue and direction, west.

Shani represents vocation and hence is referred to as Udhyoga Karaka. He denotes hard work, blue collar jobs, aged people, iron and steel industry, drainage works and sorrow. He also represents finality and hence is said to govern death and insurmountable time. Shani is the slowest moving of all planets, who takes 2 ½ years to cross over a zodiac sign and hence, as many as 30 years for going round the zodiac. The period of 7 ½ years that Shani takes to pass through a person’s Janmarasi, the sign of birth along with the preceding and the succeeding signs, is known as Sade Sati and is generally considered a trying time.

Shani is a powerful planet who can bestow power, prestige and fame when well placed, but can nearly destroy a person, when afflicted. It is believed that reciting this sloka can help to get rid of Shani Dosha effects.

The Legend says that Shani will not touch any one, who listens to the story of King Nala and Dhamayanthi. It is also mentioned in Nalacharitra that Lord Shani himself related this to Nalan.

Kaarkodaga Naagasya Dhamayanthyaa Nalasya cha

Ruthu Parnasya Rajarshe! Keerthanam Kali Naasanam



Chanting the name of ‘Karkodaka’ snake, ‘Dhamayanthi’, ‘Nalan’ and ‘Rajarishi Udhuparnan’, causes the problems ccreated by Lord Shani to go away.


*Karkodaka – a snake which gave garments to Nala to regain his beauty.

**Dhamayanthi and Nalan – A divine couple, a character in Hindu mythology.

***Rudhuparnan – King of Aydohi whom Nala served as a chariot driver during Sade Sati period and regained his kingdom with his help.


Recitation of this Sloka (hymn) on Saturdays 16 times, reduces the malefic effects of Shani Graha and one can escape from badly placed Planet Saturn.

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