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Name Calculator

Name Calculator

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Introduction to Nameology – The Science of Names

We all are known by our names, which play a crucial role in deciding success or failure in our lives. Your name is your identity that holds the key to your victory. When your name is powerful and in harmony with your birth date, it creates an aura of positivity around you and ensures surefire success in your endeavors. Using this name calculator helps you to know how favorable is your name and whether it is in accordance with your date of birth or not.

What is Name Calculator all about?

Name calculator or Nameology is the science of names, which establishes the relationship between your name number (from your name) and destiny number (from your date of birth).

According to Nameology, each alphabet is assigned a number (as shown) and counting the corresponding numbers for the alphabets in your name gives the name number. If the name number comes as a double-digit, they are summed up to form a single digit. Your destiny number is calculated by adding the date, month and year of your date of birth.

Name calculator thus gives you the favorable and unfavorable name numbers based on your name number and destiny number. You can also use this tool to can get the beginning alphabet for the name of your little one based on the birth star pada (quarter).

Benefits of Name Calculator

Understanding the relationship between your name and your date of birth offers an advantage in making your name more powerful and helps you to pave the way towards the accomplishment of your goals. When your name harmonizes with your birth date, it adds more value and aids you overcome challenges and gain betterment in your life.


Whether you want to know how favorable is your name or wish to decide on a powerful name for your little one, use our name calculator to lead a successful and happy life.