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Dasa Bhukti

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Dasa Bhukti is a planetary period that speaks about the planets that are ruling a person’s life during that particular period and their effects on the person’s life.

Why Dasa Bhukti is important?

The term Dasa Bhukti is made up of two Sanskrit words, ‘Dasa’ and ‘Bhukti’.

‘Dasa’ in astrology indicates planetary periods. Astrology regards that there are nine grahas or planets, that consist of the seven classical planets and also the two celestial nodal points, Rahu and Ketu. There are nine Dasas one each for these nine planets, which are individually ruled by the planets, in turns.

Each Dasa or Mahadasa is divided into planetary sub periods called ‘Bhukti’, which run in the same order as the Dasas. This subdivision allows a much more detailed examination of the influence of each of the Dasas and the events expected to occur therein.

Dasa can thus be termed as the major planetary period and Bhukti, the minor. Dasa Bhukti periods indicate the good or bad effects of the respective planets during that period, which take place due to their placements in the sign (Rasi), house (Bhava), combination (Yogas or Raja Yogas) or aspects (Drishti). The Dasa Bhukti calculations are done to specify the periods, when the effects of the planets’ movement can be seen.

What is the purpose of analysing the Dasa Bhukti periods?

Our lives in general and the events that take place in it, in particular are governed by planetary movements. Hence the Dasa Bhukti periods, which detail the placements of the planets, their strengths and weaknesses assume a lot of importance in knowing about the life of a person and reading his future. The effects of the planets who are the Lords of the Dasa Bhukti are indicated by the variables like the strength of the house they are in and the strenth of the planets themselves. Together, these account for the good and bad results that a person gets during the Dasa Bhukti period.

For a precise reading of the effects of the ruling planets during a Dasa Bhukti, qualitative assessments are made taking into account various factors like the natural qualities of the planet; whether it remains exalted, delibitated or retrograde; its benefic or malefic disposition; its strength in the motional direction; the strength of the Bhukti Lord planet in that Dasa etc.

A precisely plotted Dasa Bhukthi can thus be helpful in predicting about a person’s health, wealth, relationship, career, fame, joy, sorrow etc. and can also be a correct indicator of all the major events of his or her life like landing in a job, getting married, begetting progeny, retirement and also death.


Life is all about living to the fullest potential. Only when one knows oneself well, he or she can hope to win the battle of life. Dasa Bhukti calculations and reading can be of help in this aspect. One can work with the cycles of destiny that occur in life and make the most of them using one’s intellect and wisdom obtained with the help of such a knowledge.