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What To Do On Shani Jayanti?

May 20, 2021 | Total Views : 870
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Shani Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Lord Shani, the son of Surya, the Sun god. Shani is the ruling deity of Planet Saturn, and the sixth day of the week, Saturday, is named after him. The occasion is also called Shani Amavasya and falls on the Vaishaka Chaturdashi Amavasya. Shani is regarded as the God of Justice and delivers results to people based on their deeds (karma). 

According to Hindu mythology, Shani is the offspring of Surya and Chaya, his second wife. Surya was initially married to Sandhya, and they had a son called Yama, who is the God of Death, and a daughter, Yami (the river Yamuna). Not able to bear the brightness of Surya, she left behind Chaya, her shadow, to care for her husband and kids so that no one would realize that she had abandoned them. Because of Chaya, Surya abandoned his kids by Sandhya. Chaya gave birth to Shani later. Both Yama and Shani punish human beings for their evil deeds. Shani metes out punishment while they are still alive, and Yama punishes them after they die.

It is said that when Shani looked at the Sun soon after he was born, the Sun was eclipsed. Such was the power of Shani, who is considered a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. Generally, Shani is shown wearing black-colored attire. He carries a sword and two daggers, and his vehicle is a crow.

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Shani is believed to be a negative planet, and many people are afraid of the planet and its effects. However, this is not true. Shani is like a teacher in our lives. He plays the role of a strict disciplinarian who teaches us important lessons like the value of hard work and the perils of straying away from ethics and morality. It is a slow planet that brings success only after a great deal of effort, discipline, hard work, hurdles, and challenges. Shani will bless or curse a person depending on the person's deeds in the past and present lives.

In other words, Shani is a fair judge. If Saturn is adversely placed in one's Kundali, the person will suffer many hardships and may have many challenges to overcome, leading to negative consequences, especially in matters concerning the particular House (where Shani is unfavorably placed) in the natal chart.

Shani Sade Sati Dosha is a highly feared Dosha in a person’s birth chart. It means 7.5 years' transit of Saturn. If Shani is adversely placed in the birth chart, then this Dosha will bring hardship and misfortune for 7.5 years in every aspect of life.

During this time, the native will experience many troubles like financial losses, failed relationships, sickness, loss of reputation and social status, etc. So if you have this Dosha in your birth chart, doing Pooja and prayers on Shani Jayanthi can help as Shani Jayanti is a good day to appease Lord Shani and get his blessings. By doing so, people hope to ward off the negative effects of malefic Shani. On Shani Jayanti 2021, one should observe a fast and also visit Shani temples and perform Poojas.  

Let’s see some of the things devotees do on Shani Jayanti.

  • A fast from sunrise to sunset.
  • Oil mixed with sesame is offered. Shani loves black items, like sesame oil and black gram.
  • Only one meal is consumed after the Pooja and prayers in the evening.
  • Visiting a Shani temple is a must on this day. It is good if the temple has a peepal tree and a shrine for Navagrahas (nine planets). An oil lamp is lit at the peepal tree in the evening, and devotees go around it seven times. After this, seven laddoos are given to a black dog.
  • Shani Chalisa is recited in the evening.
  • Shani Jayanti is the best day for performing Shani Pooja as it will please Lord Shani. Shani Dosha Pooja can also be performed to minimize the negative effects of Shani.

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