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Virgo Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,399
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Virgo, the sign that is As the sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo represents sagacity. For Virgo, Realism is the keyword, Analytical mind, their quality and attention to detail is their identity. The Latin word Virgo means the Virgin, which happens to be their symbol. The Virgin represents purity. Mercury is their key planet, which is the guardian of the mind and thoughts. Earth is their element, which points to pragmatism. Virgo is intelligent and precise, with a professional attitude. Also gentle and sympathetic, they are so well organized that they can find order even in chaos. But they have the tendency to become inflexible and critical, many times. Virgo Man: Personality, Characteristics & Nature - AstroVed

Virgo Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Virgo is meticulous to the core. He is fundamentally intelligent and has a healthy inquisitive nature. He has an inherent desire to know things and learn varied subjects for the pleasure of it and also for increasing his knowledge base. Extremely observant and attentive, no piece of information or detail however small it is, can escape his hawk’s eye. He is not merely an observer of things and gatherer of details, but possesses an analytical frame of mind. With a great power of discrimination and a realistic approach, he can clearly sift through the information with precision, analyze even the most complex and complicated of problems, see things as they are in their true colours with dispassion, separate the good from the bad, and arrive at a fair and practical solution. Earth is his element and no surprise, he is Earthly in character too and very practical in nature. A Virgo man may remain a depository of so much of knowledge and information, but he doesn’t build castles in air and live in his own world of fantasy. He is a goal oriented individual, a disciplinarian and a perfectionist, but remains very much in constant touch with reality, for, pragmatism is and remains as one of his immense strengths. He has his values and sentiments, but is quite rational in his approach, and has the sense of balance not to let his emotions influence or mar his thoughts and actions. He is also reliable and trustworthy, who can as much give instructions, as he can take and carry them out to the entire satisfaction of the superiors. Many times, a silent performer and a great achiever, they also have good articulation skills. A Virgo man is essentially a strong personality, yet, is normally unassuming and modest, who doesn’t go around blowing his own trumpet.
But, a Virgo man too is not all virtues and no negatives, just as anyone belonging to any other sign is. A Virgo man is a stickler for details and takes pride in being so too, but often goes overboard with it. He also has a tendency of taking his meticulousness to the extremes. These turn out to be his worst shortcomings. He may often get bogged down with details, get lost in the basics and the nitty-gritty of things and lose sight of the big picture. The real issues to be addressed may thus escape his attention. With a very fixed idea on the way and the manner of doing a thing to the minutest detail, Virgo men fall readily into self-created perfectionist trap, not forgiving or accepting anything less than the ideal, as perceived by them, and end up spoiling their own piece of mind and also, that of others. They thus become quite demanding, and at times extremely critical of the situation and the people around. Binding themselves in their own strong likes and dislikes, they become unreasonable. Calling a spade a spade, is not by itself wrong, but in the process, the Virgo men become highly judgmental and very harsh. Whatever be the role they play, these may make Virgo men unpopular and may gradually work against their own interests. A Virgo man is a sensitive lover, a sincere partner, and a kind and responsible husband. A caring family man, he will also be a dutiful parent, who will fulfill his obligations towards his children with affection and sincerity. A Virgo man can be too realistic to be passionately romantic. With his love for enforcing discipline coupled with his critical attitude, he may even rub the near and dear ones on the wrong side, once too often. If only they can hone their practical attitude and analytical skills effectively, and exercise restraint over their being fussy, judgmental and critical, Virgo men can become well balanced individuals worthy of emulation, and can remain as good examples for others to follow.

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