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Sagittarius Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,506
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Sagittarius, the sign that is As the ninth sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius represents Optimism. For Sagittarius, Honesty is the keyword, Adventure, their quality and Gregariousness is their identity. The Latin word Sagittarius means, the Archer. Archer and the Centaur are their symbols. While Archer is the shooter, it is the Centaur, that is actually firing the arrow. Centaur is half-man, half-beast, with upper portion being human and the lower, the horse. Centaur represents intellectual bent of mind. Jupiter is their key planet, which denotes the abstract mind and higher learning. Fire is their element, which points to warmth. Sagittarius is intellectual, philosophical, honest, adventurous, large hearted and extremely positive. But they can also be tactless and over-confident. Sagittarius Woman: Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Sagittarius Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, holds honesty very close to her heart. Their symbol, the Archer is a shooter, but the Sagittarians go further, for they are straight shooters. The Sagittarian women seem to have an inherent urge to be straight forward and they speak their mind out, without dressing them up or sugar coating. They are known to tell the truth however bitter they are, without mincing words or bothering about the implications or what others may feel about it. Diplomacy is not their forte. A Sagittarius woman is not only the speaker, but also the seeker of truth. With a philosophical bent of mind, she even goes on an earnest journey to discover what life is all about. She is inquisitive and open-minded, and has immense curiosity to learn new things or see old things in new perspectives. Serious subjects like religion and spirituality, and abstract concepts like mysticism and occult hold great fascination for her. Scholarship seems to come to her naturally, as she can not only learn and assimilate, but also disseminate her knowledge around, to the benefit of the listeners. She is also inspiring and spontaneous, and can engage people in a stimulating and purposeful conversation.
Represented by the Centaur, the man-animal mix, a Sagittarian woman also remains some sort of a combination of a human and animal. She is an intellectual in her own right but can simultaneously be wild and feisty. She is an adventurer, who can throw herself into things, simply for the excitement it provides. They are high energy individuals, who are extremely gregarious and sociable, and also freedom loving, independent spirited, spontaneous and friendly. They may or may not be involved in games and sports, but remain physically brisk, active and athletic. A determination to live life to the fullest, can be seen unmistakably as part of their personality. They generally have a positive outlook of life, see only the brighter side of an issue and are driven by a strong sense of optimism in whatever they do. They believe in the goodness of life and are large hearted. Their generosity can make them go even out of the way and extend a helping hand to those in need. Their inherent goodness and trust blend into a nobility of character, developing traits like justice, honesty and fair play, and also, a firm belief in right and wrong. However, the honesty of the Sagittarian women and their propensity for plain speaking, may often make them speak some bitter truth on the face of the people. This may wound others, and hurt their ego and self-respect, harming relationships and working against their own interests, in the process. Sagittarius women can thus be termed tactless. Their trusting nature may make them somewhat innocent and vulnerable too. This may be taken undue advantage of by some, causing mental agony to the unsuspecting Sagittarians. In their extreme optimism and over- enthusiasm, they also tend to overlook pitfalls, take unnecessary risks and may end up committing serious mistakes, facing embarrassments and criticism. Life can be joyful with the bright, optimistic, light hearted and passionate Sagittarius woman. She will be a devoted wife and a responsible mother. However she is too straight forward to bother so much about niceties in her dealings. Her behavior and comments may sometimes look blunt and offensive. Also, her fun loving nature can show her as being casual and devoid of deep emotions in matters of love, causing strain in relationships. If they can only temper their honesty with tact, trust with caution, and the spirit of adventure with discretion, the Sagittarius women can become wonderful individuals, who can spread warmth and radiance around.

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