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Virgo Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,529
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Virgo, the sign that is As the sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo represents sagacity. For Virgo, Realism is the keyword, Analytical mind, their quality and attention to detail is their identity. The Latin word Virgo means the Virgin, which happens to be their symbol. The Virgin represents purity. Mercury is their key planet, which is the guardian of the mind and thoughts. Earth is their element, which points to pragmatism. Virgo is intelligent and precise, with a professional attitude. Also gentle and sympathetic, they are so well organized that they can find order even in chaos. But they have the tendency to become inflexible and critical, many times. Virgo Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Virgo Woman

Beauty with brains may not be so common after all, but a Virgo woman is such an uncommon entity. They are generally good looking and are fast thinkers. They can understand others quickly, put themselves in their shoes and empathize with them, without getting emotionally involved. Virgo women can thus make good psychologists and counselors. They are also meticulous, methodical, love precision and order, and have a special eye for details. They don’t generally look their age, as they defy the advancing years and remain healthy, with a good dose of nutritious food and exercise regimen. They are mild mannered and caring, and seem to be reserved, but are mentally strong. They are inquisitive by nature and keep themselves posted about the happenings in general and about the developments around them in particular. They possess an analytical frame of mind and a good power of discrimination, with which they can analyze issues, identify the true and the false, and separate out the good from the bad. A Virgo woman holds her sentiments dear to her heart, and believes earnestly in pure love and true companionship. Virgos have Earth as their element and no surprise, they are earthly in character too and very practical in nature. A Virgo woman may have her own sentiments, but she doesn’t build castles in air and live in her own world of fantasy. Even for achieving the true love that she so strongly believes in, she is smart enough to resort only to a practical strategy and a calculative approach. She is a perfectionist, loves order and discipline, knows what she wants and can also workout the ways of achieving it, but remains very much in constant touch with reality, for, pragmatism is and remains as one of her immense strengths. She has her values with a dose of idealism in them, but is quite rational in her approach, and has the sense of balance not to let her emotions influence or mar her thoughts and actions. She is also consistent, reliable and trustworthy. Generally shy and an introvert, they have good communication abilities, can undertake small and big job responsibilities successfully and achieve results. A Virgo woman is a strong personality in a soft exterior. They are normally unassuming and modest, and do not go boasting around about themselves or their accomplishments. But, a Virgo woman too is not all virtues and no negatives, just as anyone belonging to any other sign is. A Virgo woman is as much a perfectionist as she is a stickler for details, but often goes overboard with them. She may often get bogged down with details, and lose sight of the big picture and the real issues involved. With a very fixed idea about the manner in which a thing needs to be done, Virgo women may fall readily into self-created perfectionist trap, not forgiving or accepting anything less than the ideal, as perceived by them. Thus, they may end up spoiling their own piece of mind and also, that of others. They become quite demanding too, and at times, critical of the situation and the people around. Binding themselves in their own strong likes and dislikes, they become unreasonable, judgmental and even resort to rude behavior. Whether a career woman or a home maker, these traits may make Virgo women uncomfortable to move with and may gradually alienate her from her surroundings. A Virgo woman is a sensitive lover, and a kind and affectionate wife and mother. With a calm and measured approach, she can make family life stable and enjoyable. But with her standards of perfection being almost always high, she may be found irritating. With her critical assessment and sharp tongue, even her dear ones may feel intimidated at times. If only they can fine tune their pragmatism and empathy effectively, and exercise restraint over their being fussy, judgmental and critical, Virgo women can become well balanced individuals worthy of emulation, and can remain as good examples for others to follow.

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