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Vedic Astrology and it's Lessons

June 15, 2015 | Total Views : 7,364
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Man is born on that day and that moment when his individual fate is in perfect mathematical harmony with the progress of the stars in heaven.

Vedic Astrology is also called Jyothish Vidya. It is a body of knowledge that throws light upon one`s past, present and future. It uses the patterns of planetary movements in the sky to predict one`s destiny into the field of consciousness, by studying one`s natal chart. It has 12 houses and planets influence our lives through these houses. Each of them represents different facets of human life.

12 Houses

  • Lagna or the1st house - describes self, body, personality, status, health.
  • 2nd house - describes relatives, family, wealth, finance.
  • 3rd house - describes courage, brothers, servants, communication.
  • 4th house - describes mother, conveyances, house, friends, lands, buildings.
  • 5th house - describes love , intelligence, children, faith in God, education.
  • 6th house - is related to enemies, maternal relatives, health, sickness, and legal issues
  • 7th house - describes love, marriage, husband and wife, son-in-law, law suits.
  • 8th house - is related to death, legacies, accidents, inheritance.
  • 9th house - is related to father, guru, good fortune, wisdom, grandchildren.
  • 10th house - is related to career, top position, leadership, career, vocation, business, duty, promotion.
  • 11th house - describes gains, income, prizes, achievements, material achievements.
  • 12th house - is related to foreign travel, sub conscious mind, moksha, charitable donation, one`s pervious lifetime.

12 Zodiac Signs

There are 12 zodiac signs and those born under these signs exhibit certain unique characteristic traits. The 12 signs are:

  • Aries or Mesha - The people born under this sign are usually activity driven, innovative, dominating etc.
  • Taurus or rishabh - The people born under this sign are usually related with banking and finances, treasuries of beauty and wealth, languages, sensual pleasures etc.
  • Gemini or Mithuna - They are usually good readers and writers. They used to travel frequently, are adaptive, curious, positive-minded, and versatile.
  • Cancer or Kataka - They are knowledgeable, and can work as curators, treasurers etc. They have interest in collections like stamp, coin etc.
  • Leo or Simha - They are generally noble, large hearted, helpful, brilliant, spendthrifts, firm in thinking and attitudes.
  • Virgo or Kanya - They are fond of quick changes, and are methodical, practical, sometimes discriminative, and have sound commercial instinct.
  • Libra or Thula - They are usually level headed, reasonable, just, modest, refined, gentle, and have fertile imagination.
  • Scorpio or Vriscika - They are usually determined, courageous, have sharp intelligence and good personality.
  • Sagittarius or Dhanush - They are bold and generally stick to principles. They have determination and are self-confident.
  • Capricorn or Makara - The people born under this sign usually are economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and methodical.
  • Aquarius or kumba - They are unselfish, have good character and a broad outlook.
  • Meena or Pisces - They are philosophical, honest, humane, helpful, full of imagination, and over- generous.

Colors of Planets

Planets exert astrological vibrations thereby influencing the destinies of people in a supernatural manner and they can be auspicious or inauspicious. During unfavorable times and fulfillment of wishes, they have to be propitiated to yield beneficial results. Planets rule different colors and the appropriate use of colors enhance one`s aura and renders it powerfully. Sun-orange, Mars-red, Mercury- green, Jupiter-yellow, Venus- prismatic/crystal, Saturn- black/dark blue/purple, Rahu-black, Ketu-Brown. The purpose of Vedic Astrology is to help one to understand their own karma, unveil ignorance and see the pattern of life events that unfolds according to the divine script. Each lifetime has a particular set of lessons to be learned. To make astrology a tool to gain insight and knowledge, one would know how to react and be prepared in the waking of events and view life with clarity and enhanced awareness.

Chart Analysis of Bill Gates

The natal chart of Bill Gates reveals the positioning of the stars and planets at the time of his birth. Through the positioning of the stars and planets in his chart, we can know about his career, marriage, health and other aspects too.

  • In his chart, Mercury, is exalted in his own house, which makes him highly skillful in machines, grants ownership of lands, building, vehicles etc.
  • Venus, the lord of the fifth, twelfth house and the planet of luxury is in her own house, signifying luck and wealth through investments for Bill Gates.
  • Jupiter, the lord of the seventh and tenth house is placed in the royal sign Leo, which gives him good social status.
  • Saturn, the lord of the ninth house is exalted and shows great fortune in life.
  • Moon in the tenth house signifies career, profession and fame.
  • Mars, lord of the eleventh house, shows immense income and all round gains.

Hence, Astrology can help you analyze your life and with its proper usage, we can become successful in life.  


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  • stewart scholl
    Thank you for the Bill Gates info . A lot of good placements , the close to debilitation of the Sun [center] is a mystery , Saturn 28-26 degrees and Rahu and Ketu being late in the house is also interesting .
    September 26, 2015
    I want to know about my life,my career,what type of job, i, myself is getting and when the job is getting to me... my birth time-00.15, date-07/07/1991,state-odisha, district-bhadrak, village name-lokanathapur
    September 18, 2015
    • AstroVed Support
      Dear, Please visit our website on and enter all these details. Post that you will be able to get all your details. You may also write in to us at
      November 16, 2015