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How Seven Horse Painting Vastu Brings Success

September 4, 2023 | Total Views : 2,303
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Nowadays, many people have horse paintings adorning the walls of their home. Have you ever wondered why? Of course, the horse is a magnificent animal and makes a good subject for a painting, but is there some other significance to it?

Actually, there is. Horse paintings are recommended in Vaastu Shastra as essential accessories for a home. Vaastu Shastra, the ancient science of Indian architecture, says that if there is a horse painting in the house, it can have many benefits for the homeowner. For instance, it can help them overcome financial difficulties and also create an atmosphere of peace.

And that is not all. However, to gain such benefits from the horse paintings, you have to keep in mind certain things. Only then will you gain the beneficial outcomes.

Seven Horses Painting in Vaastu

Vaastu claims that there is both positive and negative energy in the spaces we inhabit, whether it is a house or a workplace. When the energy is positive, it brings happiness, good health, prosperity, and success into our lives. On the other hand, negative energy brings obstacles, ill health, debts, relationship problems, etc. Hence, we need to maximize the positive energy in our homes and workplaces. We can do this in many ways.

One of these ways is by hanging a seven-horse painting on the wall of your home. Seven Horse painting in Vaastu brings success and stability to one’s life.

The number 7 is important in Hinduism as it is believed to be a lucky number. It is also a sacred and spiritual number.

There are 7 colors in a rainbow. During a Hindu marriage, the groom and bride take seven steps around the sacred fire. There are 7 chakras in the human body. There are 7 musical notes or Sapta Swaras. There were 7 great sages in prehistoric India called Sapta Rishis. And the list goes on.

Significance of Seven Horses Painting

In Hinduism, Surya (Sun God) rides a chariot pulled by 7 horses. The 7 horses signify the 7 days of the week and the 7 colors of light (VIGBYOR).

In Vaastu, the Seven Horses painting represents success and power. Hence, having such a painting at home is said to attract energy and success in our life and profession. It can bring positivity and remove negative energy. As per Vaastu Shastra, the painting is an auspicious symbol that helps create a balance of power in one’s house.

Also, the Horse is often associated with qualities like stability, courage, power, strength, and loyalty. So it is very beneficial to have this painting at home. Moreover, the painting can also ward off negative energy in the environment. It can eliminate financial problems as well due to its positive energy. If you wish to buy a horse painting, choose one depicting a chariot pulled by 7 horses or one that depicts 7 horses running in water.

Benefits of Horse Paintings

· Running horses symbolize speed. Speed plays a key role in success. Hanging this painting can enable you to complete your projects quickly.

· Horses also signify success. So Horse painting can bring success in all aspects of life.

· It can bring financial stability to a person’s life.

· In Feng Shui, horses represent courage, speed, and endurance. Hence, horse paintings can attract good fortune.

· The horse painting has the power to remove negative energies from a space.

· A painting of 7 horses in a chariot with Surya is highly auspicious and attracts good luck.

Where to Hang the Horse Painting?

Hang it in the living room as it is lucky for the home and the occupants. Place it in the Vaastu-recommended direction. Do not hang it near a window or the main entrance.

The horse painting can be hung on the East wall of a person’s house. It can also be hung on the North wall. It can bring promotion for those in the service sector and prosperity at home. If you have a painting of running horses, hang it on the south side wall, as they can bring you name and fame. However, if you cannot do so, place it facing a window.

However, some things should be kept in mind. The horses' faces should be facing inside the room or office. The painting must not face the door of the room, as it can have a negative impact on your life. The horse painting can remove obstructions and blockages that are hindering your success or progress. Another important point is that there should be no chains, leashes, or ropes on the horses.

A 7 horse painting with sunrise as the backdrop is even more auspicious as it can boost your financial stability and bring success.

Another option is a 7 horse painting with the moon in the background. This is considered lucky, as it represents success, progress, and peace.

Seven-horse painting with the sea as the background is also common. It may depict the sea behind the horses or the horses running along the seashore. Such paintings can invite positive energies into your home or workplace and enhance progress at work. Such paintings are much sought after as they are considered lucky.

Why 7 Horse Paintings Are Significant in Vaastu Shastra

1. Running horses represent speed.

2. The planet Venus represents horses,

3. As per Vaastu, a 7 horse painting in the home ensures financial stability.

4. As per Feng Shui, horses represent speed, valor, and perseverance. Eight running horses signify good fortune and riches. They represent Career, Marriage, Health, Children, Personal Development, Recognition, Education, and Happiness.

5. Vaastu also explains the importance of various colors in horse paintings. A red background represents Mars. It can boost confidence and self-esteem. Blue is associated with Saturn and boosts harmony. The Horses represent Venus, which brings joy to your loved ones.

Tips To Place the Horse Paintings

· Choose paintings with white horses. White signifies peace, success, growth, and prosperity.

· Always place the horse painting in a Vastu-compliant direction.

· Do not choose one with a background that shows dust, storms, turmoil, sunset, or any other negative weather condition.

· If looking at the painting does not give you a positive vibe, do not buy it.

· Do not hang the 7 horses painting in the bedroom, study room, Pooja Room, or on the main door. Also, do not hang it in areas near the bathroom or toilet.

· The horses in the painting must run in perfect symmetry, that is, in a straight line with no obstacles. They have to run on land, not on water.

· Don’t buy a picture of a single running horse. It is unlucky and prevents good fortune from entering your home. Choose a picture with an odd number of horses.

· The painting should not depict an incomplete image of the horses.

· Make sure that the painting’s size is proportional to the room’s size. Do not choose a small painting for a large room.

· The painting medium should be Vaastu-friendly, like canvas or wood. Avoid paper as a medium.

· The horses' faces in the painting should have peaceful expressions. Do not choose one with aggressive impressions.

· A seven-running horse painting can bring Goddess Lakshmi's blessings.

· If you are have low self-esteem, buy a painting of seven horses on a red background. Red is Mars’ color and boosts self-esteem.

· Blue represents Saturn, and a blue painting attracts harmony and peace.


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