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Understand Your Personality With Nitya Yogas

September 4, 2023 | Total Views : 2,468
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Hindu astrology claims that a person’s traits, behavior, and nature are influenced by the position of the Nakshatras or stars at the time and date of their birth, which is called Tithi. Other factors that can shape a person’s nature and also predict their actions and their consequences include Yoga (placement of the Sun and Moon), Rashi (Moon sign), and Vaar (Day) on which they were born.

Yogas refer to the combination of the Sun and the Moon when one is born in a Nakshatra/constellation. There are 27 different Yogas based on the twenty-seven Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The astrological combinations or Niti yogas can indicate the native’s personality traits. To calculate the Nitya Yogas, one has to add the longitudes of the Moon and the Sun and divide the sum by 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

The 27 Nitya Yogas and the qualities associated with them are given below.

1. Vishkumbha Yoga

A person with Vishkumbha Yoga is devoted to the family and has an attractive appearance. You may be able to create a lot of wealth through your business endeavors and achieve your goals using your leadership skills.

2. Preeti Yoga

If you have Preeti Yoga, you will be a good orator who can influence others with your words. You are a courageous person and prefer to lead a righteous life. You may acquire wealth and possessions and also be able to lead a balanced life.

3.Ayushman Yoga

A native with Ayushman Yoga loves food and likes traveling to new places and trying out different cuisines. You are focused on work and tend to follow the norms in your profession. You seek recognition in the field of arts and literature.

4.Saubhagya Yoga

If you were born with Saubhagya Yoga, you will be quite talkative. You have the ability to influence others with your words and thoughts. You may enjoy monetary benefits and gains. You work hard to provide a comfortable life for your family.

5.Shobhana Yoga

If you have Shobhana Yoga, you are a virtuous person. You may also be very intelligent. You have a soft heart and will impress people with your conversation and intellectual prowess.

6.Atiganda Yoga

A person born with Atiganda Yoga is courageous and benevolent. But you could try to save yourself by blaming others. You may not get along you’re your mother. You have a short temper.

7.Sukarma Yoga

One born with Sukarma Yoga can be wealth. You may have excellent business insight. You are brave, intelligent, and spiritual.

8.Dhriti Yoga

A person with Dhriti Yoga will have a restless nature. You will feel disturbed now and then. You are very interested in the opposite sex. You have a patient, supportive, and analytical approach. You are good at making decisions.

9.Shoola Yoga

If you have Shoola Yoga, you will be trustworthy and fortunate. You are interested in social service and may seek spiritual knowledge. You also seek material comforts.

10.Ganda Yoga

Those with Ganda Yoga are quite talkative. You may face many difficulties in your life. You like to acquire luxurious possessions.

11.Vriddhi Yoga

If you have Vriddhi Yoga, you are pure, kind, and intelligent. You may enjoy a position of power and authority. You love nature.

12.Dhruva Yoga

One with Dhruva Yoga may commit vicious acts and evil deeds. You may encounter obstacles in life, as some hidden enemies will conspire against you. You are intellectual and have good intelligence.

13.Vyaghata Yoga

If you have Vyaghata Yoga, you are likely to be a multi-tasker. You may have many enemies. Your aggression and ego may spoil your reputation. You have good learning skills, which makes you very versatile.

14.Harshana Yoga

If you have Harshana Yoga, you are likely to be dominating and authoritative. You have a dynamic persona. Creative subjects like literature and arts interest you.

15.Vajra Yoga

If you have Vajra Yoga, you are helpful and caring. You are charitable and like to help the needy. You may amass immense wealth and enjoy good social standing. Your speech may be harsh. You could be involved in shady activities.

16.Siddhi Yoga

One born with Siddhi Yoga will be interested in material possessions. You have good skills and may acquire wealth. You may achieve excellence in your work due to your determination.

17.Vyatipata Yoga

Those with Vyatipata Yoga may like debates and arguments. You may spend money lavishly. You have a rigid nature and can be unstable and prone to anxiety.

18.Variyan Yoga

If you have Variyan Yoga, you like to make people happy. Others will admire your skills, knowledge, and wealth. Your dazzling personality will fascinate others. You will show interest in music and the arts.

19.Parigha Yoga

If you have Parigha Yoga, you will be knowledgeable. You may master several subjects. Due to your wrong and wicked acts, you may encounter obstacles. You like traveling. Visiting new places excites you.

20.Shiva Yoga

If you have Shiva Yoga, you are a benevolent and honest person. You are interested in people’s welfare. You want to serve humanity and help the poor. You are spiritual and believe in traditions and rituals.

21.Siddha Yoga

People with Siddha Yoga do well when it comes to offering consultancy services to people. You will make a good legal and relationship advisor. You are religious and have an unshakable faith in God.

22.Sadhya Yoga

If you have Sadhya Yoga, you may be a hard-working, diplomatic and determined individual. You are confident in your work. You may amass immense wealth and get recognition in society.

23.Shubha Yoga

If you have Shubha Yoga, you are an honest, warm-hearted, and flexible person. You live by certain principles. You will work hard to fulfill your responsibilities. You are very lucky and may be blessed with abundant wealth.

24.Shukla Yoga

People with Shukla Yoga tend to be faithful and intellectual. You are very interested in learning about the Vedas. You are a creative and artistic person. You are courageous and will seek higher education.

25.Brahma Yoga

Natives with Brahma Yoga will be brave and adventurous. You will be religious. Spiritual books may interest you. You have great faith in religious scriptures.

26.Indra Yoga

If you have Indra Yoga, you are a caring person. You work according to norms and have a righteous approach. You have good leadership skills and can attain excellence in all that you do.

27.Vaidhriti Yoga

If you have Vaidhriti Yoga, you are dynamic, versatile, and unpredictable. You could face hurdles in doing your work. You will have a cheerful disposition. Social recognition may elude you.


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