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The Great Benefits of Bhagamalini Nitya Homam

November 2, 2022 | Total Views : 1,436
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Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya

Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya is a powerful deity in Hinduism. She has the power to grant boons and fulfill the desires of her devotees. She also protects her devotees from dangers and negativity. Her name denotes ‘garlanded with luck or fame’ or ‘garlanded with the Sun’. Bhagamalini Nitya is portrayed as a beautiful woman who has the complexion of the rising Sun. She has four arms. She has a smiling and gentle face and sits in Padmasana, a yogic posture. She holds a night water lily, a sugarcane bow called Pundra, and a noose in her left hands. In her right hands, she holds a goad, a lotus, and arrows of flowers. She is often depicted as standing on a lotus flower or riding on a lion. She is also called the “goddess of bliss”.

She is surrounded by Kama, the God of Love, and Akshara Shaktis (the energies of alphabets who resemble her). The Goddess rules Dwitiya Tithi or the 2nd lunar day. She bestows patience, stability, confidence, and grounding. She grants desires expressed on the previous lunar day and enables people to manifest creativity and share it with the whole world. Along with the Moon, she enhances the spark achieved by a person on Pratipad Tithi, which is ruled by Goddess Kameswari.

The Legend of Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya

There is a fascinating story about Goddess Bhagamalini Nitya. Supposedly, she was born from a lotus flower that emerged from Lord Vishnu’s navel. She is also one who can destroy ignorance. She is also the Goddess of time.

Bhagamalini Nitya is often shown holding a lotus flower and a staff. Her four hands symbolize the four directions. She also embodies knowledge and wisdom and is responsible for the cyclical nature of life and death. Bhagamalini Nitya has many devotees and is a popular Hindu goddess.

Significance of Bhagamalini Nitya Homam

Homam is an auspicious and beneficial Vedic fire ritual. It is performed to invoke the blessings of a deity. Devotees perform Bhagamalini Nitya Homam to appease the Goddess. During the Homam, Mantras are chanted and various oblations are offered to the sacrificial fire. This Homam is said to bestow many blessings on the devotees and enables them to get rid of all difficulties and problems. Special offerings for the Homam include fruits, ghee, milk, and honey. The powerful flames of the Homa fire purify the devotee’s mind and body and fill them with the Goddess’ divine grace.

The Bhagamalini Nitya Homam helps one to attain spiritual enlightenment. The benefits are manifold. She can bestow good health, wealth, and prosperity. The Homam also protects devotees from negative energies and evil forces.

Bhagamalini Nitya Homam gives one the strength and courage that one needs to overcome enemies. It gives them confidence and helps them to manifest their dreams. The Goddess is an inspiring presence in the devotee’s life and makes them mindful of their actions.

The ritual also bestows creativity and the power to use one’s intellect in a wise manner.

‘Bhaga’ also denotes luck and good fortune. So the Homam can bring wealth and luck. Worshipping the Goddess also brings victory, prosperity, and fertility. It is believed that the Goddess protects the fetus in a mother’s womb, thereby preventing abortions and premature births.

Bhagamalini Nitya Mantra

 " Aim Hrim Shrim Am Aim Bhagabuge Bhagini Bhagodari Bhagamale Bhagavahe Bhagaguhye Bhagayoni Bhaganipatini Sarvabhagavashankari Bhagarupe Nityaklinne Bhagasvarupe Sarvani Bhagani Me Hyanaya Varade Rete Surete Bhagaklinne Klinnadrave Kledaya Dravaya Amoghe Bhagavicce Kshubha Kshobhaya Sarvasatvan Bhagodari Aim Blum Jem Blum Bhem Blum Mom Blum Hem Blum Hem Klinne Sarvani Bhagani Me Vashamanaya Strim Hara Blem Hrim Am Bhagamalini Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah. "

Benefits of Chanting Bhagamalini Nitya Mantra

  • Gives confidence and creativity.
  • Grants the power to manifest one’s desires and attract the three worlds.
  • Gain luck, fortune, and prosperity.
  • Protects the fetus during childbirth.
  • Bestows progeny.
  • Gives the strength to overcome enemies.

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