Sun Entering Leo on August 17-08-17 -

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Sun Entering Leo on August 17-08-17

August 11, 2017 | Total Views : 1,040
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The Sun will transit to the zodiac sign Leo on August 17, 2017 at 01:01 am (IST). Since Leo is a sign owned by the Sun, it indicates that this will be a favorable shift. The Sun occupies the house of any particular zodiac sign for a period of thirty days, before transiting to the next sign. The fundamental aspects of Astrology state that when a planet occupies its own house/sign, its power is enhanced; this enables it to impart positive outcomes. In the same way, the Sun casts its brilliance on all other zodiac signs based upon its celestial placement according to the natal chart. Let us consider an analysis of the likely impact this transit would have on the various zodiac signs. sun-in-leo Aries During this period, the Sun transits to the fifth house. Academic achievements are probable, more so for those pursuing higher-level education. This is also a great period for rapprochement with the patriarch of the family. It is a favorable time for working class people and some favors can be expected from their immediate superiors. Hard work and dedication is advisable during this period to achieve the desired results. There is a strong probability of auspicious events occurring in the home; yagna, hawan, deity propitiation are all on the cards. It would be wise to stick to a healthy diet for maintaining overall health, since there are chances of stomach related ailments occurring. Taurus This period witnesses the Sun transiting to the fourth house. This is generally a soothing time and the probability of relatives visiting is very high. This is also a favorable time to consolidate one’s position on the job front for future career enhancement. It is strongly advisable to take care of your mother’s health as there are indications of disturbances occurring. Exercising discretion while on the road is advised and one should avoid over speeding or rash driving. On the work front, everything seems to be going smoothly and some favors from the boss can be expected. This is possible only if one adheres to the dictates of seniors. Gemini This is he phase when the Sun transits to the third house. Positive energy fills the air, inciting boldness and courage in the individual. One can advantage of this period to complete important tasks. Job related short distance journey are foreseen and chances of going on a pilgrimage are also high. This appears to be a favorable period for your father. It is also a good time to initiate fresh projects and complete long pending tasks. One should stick to a proper work schedule before embarking on new ventures. Cancer This is the period when the Sun transits to the second house. Spending quality time with your spouse and children is also foreseen. This is a favorable time to review your investment portfolio, book profits wherever possible, and initiate fresh investments also. The role of your father in an important event is highlighted, and this is bound to have a lasting event in your life. Communication skills are also at a peak and this should be positively channeled in your favor. Leo This is the time when the sun would be transiting to the first house/Lagna. Acting authoritatively over others should not be misused as there could be adverse consequences. It is strongly advised to maintain your temperament to achieve positive results in the work place as well as on the home front. A positive change in personality is foreseen and this would be appreciated by others. Maintain cordial terms with your spouse and also develop a calm temperament to achieve success. Virgo This is the period when the Sun transits to the twelfth house. Stay clear of the law and maintain a cordial attitude. It is strongly advised to remain calm; else chances of landing in trouble are foreseen. Health needs to be looked after as you could face some problems physically. Any type of capital expenditure should be strictly avoided and postponed to a future date. Stay away from your boss as there could be some work related friction arising. It would be wise to stay low; take care of your father’s health also. Libra The Sun transits to the eleventh house during this period. This is likely a great time and all round progress and happiness can be expected. Things are favorable on the work front with many fresh opportunities for progress and development. Those aspiring for promotion can also expect to achieve their desired objective. Businessmen can expect favorable results, with profitable deals materializing and new clients also being added. This is a highly favorable time for those with important Government contacts and dealings. Relations with your father are also likely to be cordial and need to be reciprocated in return. Scorpio The zodiac sign of Scorpio signifies the transit of the Sun to the tenth house. Professionally, this is regarded as an excellent period and favorable events could arise as a result. Boldness of character is indicated and enemies would be kept at arm’s length during this period. Businessmen are likely to witness an upsurge in profits and those employed in other professions will taste success in all that they undertake. Indulging in charitable acts and going on a pilgrimage will also prove very fruitful. Material and spiritual satisfaction is also indicated during the course of this period. Sagittarius This is the time when Sun transits to the ninth house. A propitious time for those looking to undertake a long distance pilgrimage and this would ultimately prove to be very rewarding. Good actions would result in positive results and pursuing your goals to achieve the desired results is strongly recommended. This is a good time to impress superiors and using this to your advantage towards furthering your progress. Work would be prioritized with ease and the ability to follow up on this would archive desired results. Capricorn During his period, the Sun transit to the eighth house. Speculation should strictly be avoided and it is better to abstain from games of chance, lottery, and other means of making a quick buck. Stay away from immoral activities which could lead to potential harm. Maintain a cordial relationship with superiors at work, and attempt to be diplomatic in dealings with the boss. Things could not be so hunky-dory on the home front, so it is advisable to maintain harmony in domestic affairs. However, this is a temporary phase and the situation will soon change for the better. This is also a time when your father could require your support, so take a little extra effort in ensuring his well-being. Aquarius During this period, the Sun transits to the seventh house. Maintaining cordiality with your spouse is strongly advised during this period. Also, being tight-lipped during this period will serve to avoid conflicts on the domestic front. Professionally, it is better to act smartly to thwart disruptive clients who claim non-performance on your part. This is a time to adhere to a healthy diet, since stomach related ailments could crop up. Seeking the advice of elders to deal with this is recommended. Pisces This is the period when the Sun transits to the sixth house. Strong benign forces support you during this period and enemies will be easily thwarted. Workwise, this is a very fortuitous period, with things turning out to your advantage. Initiating fresh projects and completing long pending tasks is also recommended. You would enjoy robust health during this period and handle sticky situations with ease. This is also a good time to focus on your work and display your skills to achieve the desired goals.

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