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Sleep Habits of the Zodiac Moon Signs

April 28, 2016 | Total Views : 2,978
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The energy of the Moon sign (the sign where the Moon was at the time of one’s birth) is responsible for determining an individual’s qualities, interests, emotions, and even his/her sleeping habits. The Moon is the mind principle. Its frequencies impact one’s conscious and sub-conscious mind. During sleep, the conscious mind takes rest, but the sub-conscious mind remains active. Let us see how the Moon’s energy fusing with the vibrations of zodiac signs plays a role in developing an individual’s sleeping pattern. sleep-habits-of-the-zodiac-sign Aries: People of this hyperactive sign, ruled by masculine Mars energy, are restless and often go to sleep with their minds full of thoughts and ideas. They get vivid dreams related to their thoughts, but if their mind is at peace they sleep like a log. Taurus: Ruled by Venus, Taurus Moons are very particular about the aesthetics and comfort of the rooms where they lie down for naps, and if everything goes well they relish in their sleep. Gemini: The communicators, ruled by Mercury, prefer to exhaust themselves fully before crashing out. Otherwise, their minds are so full that they have to struggle hard to get a good sleep. Cancer: The emotional beings, ruled by the Moon itself, have problems with the quantity and quality of their sleep. Worries and anxieties give them nightmares. Meditation will help calm their minds.

Leo: The lion loves to sleep when feeling relaxed and secure. Ruled by the Sun, the regal Leo appreciates comfort and space, just as the king of the jungle does. Virgo: The energy of the Moon in the sign ruled by Mercury makes these folks finicky. They have a tendency to tax their minds, thinking, planning, and worrying over the outcome, and they spoil their sleep. Libra: Balance is the key for the sign ruled by Venus, who even love to maintain a balanced sleep pattern. Short but quality sleep is good enough to keep these folks energetic. However, like Taureans, the environment also matters. Scorpio: The Moon in the intuitive sign ruled by the dark side of Mars makes these people moody. Called “the night owls of the zodiac,” Scorpio Moon people can survive on minimal sleep. However, they sleep longer if they are agitated. Sagittarius: Sleep for the travel enthusiast Sagittarius Moon becomes necessary when he/she feels completely exhausted. The boundless energy of the sign ruled by Jupiter can be easily revived with little sleep. Capricorn: For the goal-oriented Capricorn Moon, sleeping is not for leisure, but is rather a necessity that they need to have in the day. Taskmaster Saturn ruling the sign makes these people workaholics. They suffer due to insomnia when they feel stressed. Aquarius: Concerns and worries can keep an Aquarius Moon up all day. Ruled by Saturn, this sign is considered the most sleep-deprived in the zodiac. They really need to learn to take their minds off of work and responsibilities sometimes, and meditate. Pisces: The imaginative Piscean loves to dream and even daydream. Long hours of sleep rejuvenate them, as it gives a fertile ground for their imagination and creativity to flourish. banner

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