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Significance of Kala Bhairava

October 26, 2017 | Total Views : 6,071
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About Kala Bhairava Lord Kala Bhairav is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva and the deity of effective time management. As everyone knows, time is the most important factor in the Universe and no one can reverse the effects of days gone by. Even the Gods are bound by this principle and accept the inexorable march of time. ‘Time is money’ is one of the most widely repeated adages, and thus managing it efficiently is vital for living a life with discipline and punctuality. Lord Kala Bhairav teaches us the value of managing and utilizing our time effectively for optimum results and productivity. Kala Bhairava-the God of Time management Since ‘Time’ is a relative term, it has different significance for different people. Some may have lots of time on their hands and don’t know how to spend it, while some are so busy that they are hard pressed for time, but there can be no disputing the fact that once the time is over, it is gone forever, never to recur again. Like the old saying goes, ‘Time and Tide wait for no one’. Significance of Kala Bhairava Pray to Lord Kala Bhairava for Success Many successful people in life owe their accomplishments to being at the right place at the right time. This factor holds true for everyone and those gifted enough to put their time to good use, backed up by hard work are bound to taste success in life. Lord Kala Bhairav appreciates people who work hard and spend their time effectively in pursuit of achieving their goals in life. Time is governed by Kala Bhairav and he provides divine guidance to those abiding by the principles of effective time management.


Impropriety of sitting idle Many of us expect success to come to us and attribute this fact to destiny. But we cannot gloss over the fact that without putting in effort and making maximum use of the time at our disposal, we can never taste success and achieve our goals and ambitions. This lackadaisical attitude is anathema to Lord Kala Bhairav and he shuns those who adopt this approach in life. Thus, to make optimum use of the time at our disposal, it is vital to worship Lord Kala Bhairav. Praying to him also ensures the fruitful outcome of our endeavors. Making best use of time Those utilizing their time in the right manner towards productive purposes are bound to be rewarded by for their efforts. Hard work and effective time management ultimately brings its own rewards and we should take maximum advantage of the opportunities that are thrown up in life. By taking the blessings of Lord Kala Bhairav, one will definitely be favored by circumstances and ultimately reach the pinnacle of success. Chanting the divine Mantra-Kala Bhairava The very name ‘Kala Bhairav’ has immense practical and religious significance. ‘Bhai’ implies material wealth, while ‘Ra’ denotes the dissipation of pessimism and obstacles inherent in our psyche. The term ‘Va’ insinuates the continuous process of progress. Uttering these syllables together strikes a divine chord. Chanting the name of Lord Kala Bhairav at least 8 times during the course of the day or night is extremely rewarding. Chanting this divine Mantra continuously even while performing our daily chores is sure to bring about favorable outcomes. Purpose of chanting Kala Bhairava Mantra Chanting the hallowed name of Kala Bhairav inculcates a sense of focus in our lives. The vibrations produced as a result of the chanting teaches us the value of time as we concentrate our energies on every moment. This, goes a long way in helping us organize our time in a better manner for the duties and tasks we undertake. Offerings to Lord Kala Bhairava Making offerings to Lord Kala Bhairav with sincere intentions has the potential to change the course of one’s life. Easily overcome suffering, obstacles and evil paranormal influences in your life. Enjoy a cheerful and happy life by offering milk or wine at the Siddh Bhairav sanctuary in Delhi.


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  • singh
    Offering satvic form is best and pure. God does not want alcohol cigarettes meat is raja tama style which is not right. Even though it is offered it is wrong. This article is good however in the end we read wine. Do you think God wants wine? offering it is temp quickfix and one must do daily. However fruits flowers milk can be offered easily anytime anywhere. I humbly ask all persons to adopt sattvic form of worship and offerings and do not follow the rest. God bless. Jai Bhairu baba
    November 2, 2018
    i want blessing of Lord Kala Bhairava Swamy Om Kapaali Kundali Bheemo Bhairavo Bheemavikramaha Vyalopaveethi Kavachi Shooli Shooraha Shiva Priyaha! Ma Ma Raksha Raksha.....
    December 1, 2017
    • Sales
      January 12, 2018