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Sagittarius Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,407
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Sagittarius, the sign that is As the ninth sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius represents Optimism. For Sagittarius, Honesty is the keyword, Adventure, their quality and Gregariousness is their identity. The Latin word Sagittarius means, the Archer. Archer and also the Centaur are their symbols. While Archer is the shooter, it is the Centaur, that is actually firing the arrow. Centaur is half-man, half-beast, with the upper portion human and the lower, the horse. Centaur represents intellectual bent of mind. Jupiter is their key planet, which denotes the abstract mind and higher learning. Fire is their element, which points to warmth. Sagittarius is intellectual, philosophical, honest, adventurous, large hearted and extremely positive. But they can also be tactless and over-confident. Sagittarius Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Sagittarius Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, is positivity personified. He is balanced enough to see things as a whole and may also be sharp enough to carefully weigh the pros and cons of an action, but what strikes him will only be its brighter side of the issue and the positive outcome of the action. His inherent optimism will drive him to take on even uphill tasks with confidence, give his best even in difficult situations and succeed in endeavours, which many others may not even venture into. Represented by Centaur, the man-animal mix, a Sagittarian also remains a heady combination of man and animal, to the extent that he can be termed as the wild child of the zodiac. He can be an intellectual and a philosopher, and can simultaneously be an excited adventurer, who throws himself into things simply for the feeling of exhilaration it provides. There will hardly be a Sagittarius man, who will shy away from anything that will provide him a thrill. Their sharp intelligence takes on the form of immense enthusiasm, drives them to take interest in many different subjects and equip themselves with vast and in depth knowledge. They are philosophical too, with a definite leaning towards spirituality. In the process, they develop a nobility of character that includes traits like justice, honesty and fair play, and also, a firm belief in right and wrong.
Calling them honest is an understatement, for these people remain brutally so. Their symbol, the Archer is a shooter, but the Sagittarians go further, for they are straight shooters. They seem to have an inherent urge to be straight forward and they speak their mind out, without dressing them up or sugar coating. They are known to tell the truth however bitter they are, without mincing words or bothering about the implications or what others may feel about it. Diplomacy is not their forte. They also believe in the goodness of life and remain open minded and large hearted. Their generosity can make them go even out of the way and extend an helping hand to those in need. They are high energy individuals, who are extremely gregarious and sociable, and also freedom loving, independent spirited, spontaneous and friendly. However, some of their positive traits themselves prove to be their undoing. The absolute honesty of the Sagittarian men and their propensity for plain speaking, often force them to come out with things that should not be spoken in the open, and definitely not discussed in public. This may thus wound others badly and hurt their ego and self-respect seriously, causing incalculable harm to relationships and vitiating the atmosphere around. This way, the Sagittarius men are tactless, and this may spoil their reputation and standing, and work to their disadvantage. Their extreme optimism can also make them over confident, impatient and careless, as they start believing that they can accomplish anything and can do no wrong. They tend to overlook the pitfalls, take things for granted, jump into unnecessary risks, rush through issues and end up committing blunders, facing embarrassments and criticism. Life can be joyful with the light hearted and fun loving Sagittarius man. He can simply regale the family with his intelligence, energy and humour. But he is basically a free spirited individual who would love to have his own personal space in any relationship. He will also not bind himself by sentimentalities in love or romance, however will fully discharge his responsibilities with some sort of a detachment. If they can only temper their optimism with realism, honesty with tact, and the spirit of adventure with discretion, the Sagittarius men can become wonderful individuals, who can spread warmth and radiance around.

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