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Scorpio Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,437
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Scorpio, the sign that is As the eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio represents Power. For Scorpio, Magnetic Charm is the keyword, Being Mysterious, their quality and Strong Will is their identity. The Latin word Scorpio means, the Scorpion. The Scorpion and the Eagle are their symbols, which represent ferocity and Majesty. Pluto and Mars are their key planets, which denote the subconscious and the fighting spirit. Water is their element, which points to emotions. Scorpio is the master of the self, who is intense, dynamic, powerful, dominating, passionate and Loyal. But they can also be jealous and vindictive. scorpio-woman-personality-characteristics-nature

Scorpio Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Scorpio is best defined as a mystery novel. She has a striking personality, fascinating, thrilling and overall, highly appealing. However, she is indeed mysterious and possesses a strange aura. There is a magnetic charm associated to her, which makes her as exceptional as she is irresistible. Will-power and determination form her basic personality traits. Governed by Mars, the fiery planet, a Scorpio woman is a dynamic personality. It is Pluto, her other governing planet, that adds so much of a mystery to her character. She is as deep and unfathomable as the sea. Her dynamism finds expression in her moods too, as she can be as placid or as stormy, too. It can be said that many attributes essential for making strong personalities and leaders, find their special place in her character. She is an effective planner, organizer and achiever, who can deploy resources, steer people and succeed in whatever endeavor she undertakes. A Scorpion woman is courageous, sharp, direct and brilliant. She knows what she wants and also what it takes to get that. Whatever be the role she takes on herself, she has her clearly identified priorities and well drawn-out action plan. She is steady, resolute and self-assured, and would love to function in an atmosphere of certainty, with no grey area around. If she is not provided with one, she is capable of creating one for herself. Whatever be the task on hand and whatever she may be up against, she can take it head on, face with fierce determination and fight it to the finish, with great determination. Scorpio women, especially those in pursuit of a career, are ambitious and this remains as their driving force. Wealth, success, authority, position, power and social standing – any or all of these can act as their key motivators. They are strong, confident, goal oriented, hardworking and are thus designed to succeed. They remain intensely focused on their tasks, neither wavering nor cowed down by criticisms or temporary setbacks. Once a Scorpio woman decides on a mission, she sees to it that it is taken to its logical end. Such is her tenacity. They are also quite intuitive, who can judge a situation, read the minds of the people, expect the unexpected and take decisions at the opportune moments, which will generally prove to be right and appropriate, as future unfolds. They can be termed as well-rounded personalities, who are mature individuals. They are balanced, considerate and can also be interesting with their wit and wisdom. They have a strong self-esteem, and being faithful and standing by their commitments, find important place in their heart. They are intensely passionate and one can feel this quality in all their activities. Going by their worldly traits, it may sound strange, but it is a fact that they have a spiritual orientation too. Scorpios are very strong personalities and to no surprise, their negative traits are also as strong. Scorpio women are possessive. demanding and dominating. These may result in their becoming very jealous, and then insecure and suspicious. They are also highly sensitive and can be easily hurt, even unintentionally. They may feel insulted, become vindictive, and unforgiving and not forgetting, they go for the revenge. They also don’t trust people easily and are not very open, and thus, they become secretive, adding another angle to their mysterious nature. They can also be self-centered, and can become unemotional and manipulative, cleverly using others to their advantage and riding roughshod over them. They will never forgive faithlessness of their partners. A Scorpio woman will bring immense passion into her love life and can be intensely sensuous. Her commitment and devotion to her partner will be total, as she will strive with sincerity for his happiness and welfare. She will also be a loveable and responsible parent. But her suspicion, jealousy and extreme intolerance of even suspected disloyalty can put terrible strain on tender family relationships. If they can only consciously employ their celebrated strengths of will-power, courage and dynamism to their best advantage, and exercise control over their negative traits like suspicion and jealousy, the Scorpio women can become remarkable individuals, well admired and celebrated.

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