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Right Eye Blinking Astrology Meaning

June 29, 2020 | Total Views : 8,710
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In many cultures, blinking or twitching of the eyes is associated with certain positive and negative outcomes. Blinking of the eyes is, in fact, used to foretell events in countries like India, China, Africa and Hawaii. Predictions vary according to the gender of the person concerned and whether it’s the right or left eye. Sometimes, the time it occurs has a bearing on the interpretation too, though it is not so in Indian astrology.

In a few cultures, the blinking of the right eye is said to be the harbinger of death, especially of a close relative. Some people believe that right eye blinking indicates that someone is praising the person, or that the person may receive some good news. It could also indicate an unexpected encounter with someone.

Blinking of right eye for men

In India, when a man’s right eye blinks or twitches, it is said to be auspicious. It usually signifies that the man will hear some good news related to his career. It can spell good fortune and a good future.

Blinking of right eye for women

For women, right eye blinking is a bad omen. They may hear some bad news about their career. They may also face all kinds of problems in their lives.

Eye blinking according to time

The meaning of the eye blinking depends on the timing too. Thus, if the right eye blinks between 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the person may receive an invitation.

If the blinking happens between 5:00 PM and 6:00 AM, a tragedy might befall the person.

Eye blinking or twitching happens often, and is not usually a cause for worry. It is normally short-lived, butif the blinking persists for long, it may indicate a neurological condition and may need to be investigated by an eye doctor.

Excessive blinking or twitching of the eyes can be the result of extreme eye fatigue due to watching TV or working on the computer for a long time, or excessive use of the mobile phone, etc.

If the eye blinking or twitching continues for more than 3 days, one should see a doctor.

Eyeblinking in Chinese culture

The Chinese have their own beliefs about eye blinking or twitching.They believe that if the left eyelid of a man blinks or twitches, it heralds good fortune; while the blinking of the right eyelid, indicates bad luck. In the case of women, right eye blinking or twitching means good fortune, while left eye blinking or twitching is not a good sign. Some also say that twitching in the lower left eyelid means that one may weep early or that someone is gossiping about you.

Eye blinking in Indian culture

In India, a blinking right eye is good for men and a blinking left eye is bad. For women, it is just the opposite.

Eye blinking in African culture

In some regions of Africa, if the lower eyelid twitches, it means that the person will weep in the near future. If the upper eyelid twitches, the person will meet someone unexpectedly.

Eye blinking in Hawaiian culture

In Hawaii, eye blinking may mean the arrival of an outsider or someone’s death.Some believe that frequent blinking of the left eye indicates a downfall in the family,while blinking of the right eye suggests the imminent birth of a child.

Medical reasons for eye blinking

Involuntary eye twitching or eye muscle spasm is caused by blepharospasm which is an eye problem. It is caused by uncontrollable muscle contractions near the eyelids. Dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and sensitivity to light trigger it. Brain or neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, allergies, stress,eye injuries,and fatigue may also be responsible.

Eye blinking can be a sign of stress and may be linked to eye strain.Avoiding stress can stop it. Lack of sleep causes eyelid spasms, too. So, one should get enough sleep at night. Vision-related stress occurs when glass changes are required. Using digital devices often too puts pressure on the eyes. Sometimes nutritional deficiencies, especially related to magnesium, may cause eye twitching or blinking.

Next time your eyes blink or twitch, try to find out what it means, with the help of this article.


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  • v.nandini
    from three days onwards my right eyer blinks
    November 12, 2020