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Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 for Capricorn Moon Sign

June 27, 2017 | Total Views : 1,560
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Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets that hold great significance in Vedic Astrology. They do not possess any physical existence and are ever retrograde in their motion. They change sign every 18 months and can bring definite changes during transits. On August 18, 2017, Rahu will transit to Cancer sign in Ashlesha Nakshatra. Ketu will transit to Capricorn in Dhanistha Nakshatra. The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are referred to as lunar nodes- most malefic forces in the horoscope. They indicate past life karma and how one experiences it in the present life. Rahu is a shadow planet with a powerful impact on human lives. Rahu is the North Node capable of generating interest in worldly comforts and materialistic pleasures. Ketu is the South Node, enhances your spiritual interests and pursuits. Both these planets alter the way you think and perceive when they occupy a dominating position in your horoscope.



Rahu will Transit through 7th House Rahu’s transit in Cancer to your 7th house from your Moon Sign will be a period where you will get plenty of opportunities to travel and you learn many new things during such trips. You will have chances to move to abroad. You will make many new friends while going on foreign trips. It will prove to be an enriching and exciting experience to meet new people and make friends with them. It will also be a period where you will strike new business deals and enter into new partnerships. In the area of your career, you will get chances to develop associations with those holding high posts of power and influence. However, your domineering attitude could ruin your relationship and create a bad image of you. It will be a time to develop your interpersonal skills and strive to accommodate other’s opinions. Try to see things in a different perspective. During this period, avoid the company of bad associates and friends who will try to exploit you. 

Ketu will transit through 1st House Ketu’s transit in Capricorn through 1st House from your Moon Sign will be a time to evolve spiritually. You will develop a deep interest in understanding spiritual truths and true reality. You will want to enhance your power of knowledge and wisdom. Make the best of this period to increase your awareness and gain spiritual strength. However, there will be confusions in other areas of life. There will be strained relationship with your spouse, friends and family members. Feelings of lonely and a sense of detachment will get stronger in you during this period. Mutual understanding and adjustments in family life are very important to see harmony during this transit Period. It will be a period where you will see the rise in expenses and this will cause much concern to you.

Remedies: Propitiate Rahu and Ketu by performing Archana (light and sound ceremony), Abishekam (hydration ceremony), Homa (fire rituals) and Pooja (offerings) to get relief from afflictions due to transits and seek good results from Rahu and Ketu. Participation in the rituals attract beneficial blessings of the shadow planets.

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