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Neel Saraswati Stotra Benefits

June 14, 2021 | Total Views : 55
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Neel Saraswati Stotra is a Maha Mantra or hymn that is dedicated to Goddess Neel Saraswati. She is also referred to as Neela Devi or Tara Devi. ‘Neela’ means blue, and she is the Goddess of education. This Stotra is said to be beneficial for protecting us from our enemies, known and unknown. Many people suffer from all kinds of problems caused by their enemies. Such enemies may be found within our own families, friends’ circle, and colleagues. We can suffer pain and agony due to their harmful actions. They can destroy our happiness and preace of mind. for such people, reciting the Neel Saraswati Stotra can be a panacea.

This Goddess is the presiding deity of speech and the Shakti of Lord Brahma. Those who worship her can become proficient in the arts. It is said that Sage Vyasa was able to work on and complete the 18 Maha Puranas only due to her grace. Neel Saraswati Stotra is usually recited on Basant Panchami day during the worship of Goddess Saraswati. But it can also be recited if you worship the Goddess regularly.

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Benefits of Neel Saraswati Stotra

This Mantra is beneficial for children especially. By reciting this Mantra, their brains will become fast in processing information. They will do well in their studies and become skilled in all the arts, too. They will also be able to acquire a sharp memory. Astrologers who recite it regularly will be able to make more accurate predictions. Students who want to succeed in all their tests and exams can chant this Stotra. Those who want to pursue higher studies and go abroad for the same can also chant the Mantra. 

The goddess is believed to protect her worshippers from all kinds of misfortunes and bestow success in their endeavors. They can get wealth and other worldly pleasures, too. The Mantra can also prevent misunderstandings that lead to disputes, arguments, and discord between friends and relatives. It can give one the knowledge and intelligence needed to deal with the challenges in life and overcome the hurdles that block their progress. The Mantra can improve one’s memory, grasping power, and creativity. It can also improve our communication skills.

When to chant Neel Saraswati Stotra?

If you can’t chant the Stotra on a daily basis, you can do it on Thursdays. Panchami Tithi and Full Moon days are also ideal for the worship of Neel Saraswati. Brahma Muhurtha is the best time to chant it. You can also chant it during Budha Hora or during 6 am – 7 am. It needs to be chanted 9 times daily. Anybody can chant it, young or old, male or female. An image or idol of the Goddess or a Yantra can be used. Using the Shri Yantra or Shri Maha Meru Mantra is also auspicious. 

One should sit facing the east when chanting the Stotra. Prasad to be offered can include sweet Pongal or traditional sweets. Pure cow’s milk with jaggery can also be given as neivedya. A little honey or some dish made with honey, jaggery, rock sugar, etc., can also be offered.

Flowers may include white lotus, white jasmine, white rose, or champa. Blue colored flowers can also be offered to Neel Saraswati.

Neela Saraswati Stotram

1.Ghora roope maharave, sarva shathru bhayangari,
Bhakthebhyo varade devi thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Oh Goddess with fierce form and great sound,
Who is fearful to all the enemies,
And who blesses all her devotees.
2.Surasurarchithe devi, sidha Gandharva sevithe,
Jadya papa hare devi, thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Oh Goddess worshipped by devas and asuras,
Who is served by Sidhas and Gandarwas,
And who destroys all accumulated sin.
3.Jatajuta samayukthe lola jihwantha karini,
Drutha budhikare devi, thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Who is with tied matted hair,
Who ends darkness created by unstable toungue,
And who makes our brain work very fast.
4.Soumya krodha dhare roope, chanda munda namosthuthe,
Srushti roope namasthubhyam, thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Who has the form of anger as well as placid nature,
And who is worshipped by Chanda and Munda,
My salutations to her who has form of creation.
5.Jadaanaam jadathaam hanthi , bhakthaanaam bhaktha vathsala,
Moodathaam hara may devi, thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Who destroys idiots as well as idiocy,
And who is very dear to her devotees,
Please destroy my foolishness, oh Goddess.
6. Vam hroom hroom kamaye devi, bali homa priye nama,
Ugra thare namo nithyam , thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Who likes the chant “Vam hroom hroom”,
Salutations to her who likes sacrifices and offerings in fire,
I salute daily the fierce Tara devi.
7.Budhim dehi, yaso dehi , kavithwam dehi dehi may,
Moodathwam cha harer devi, thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Give me wisdom, fame, and ability to write poems,
And please destroy the foolishness in me.
8.Indradhi vilasad dwanda vandhithe karunamayi,
Thare tharathi nadhasye, thrahi maam saranagatham.
Help me who surrenders to you,
Who is saluted by Indra and others as couple,
Who is merciful, Tara and the lord who rules as Tara.
9.Idham stotram padesdhyasthu sathatham sradhayonvitha,
Thasya Shathru kshayam yathi Maha pragnaa prajayathe.

If this prayer is read regularly with utmost devotion,
His enemies would be destroyed, and he would become greatly learned.

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