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Jupiter enters In Leo 2015

June 26, 2015 | Total Views : 2,260
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Jupiter Transit in 2015 will occur on 14th July in the zodiac sign of Leo. It will stay in Leo until next year August 11th. Jupiter is a planet of expansion which helps one to experience expansion in experiences, understanding and knowledge.

Jupiter`s auspicious journey to Leo

Jupiter will move into Zodiac sign Leo, which is ruled by Jupiter`s best friend, Sun. The time when Jupiter enters Leo, it will be a great moment of auspiciousness that ushers in good beginnings. Jupiter`s transit bestows benefic results to almost all signs of the zodiac.


Jupiter in Leo will make one learn ways to improve one`s life, enjoy happy moments with loved ones. Its energy will enable one to think big by rising above petty feelings, mundane aspects and have an attitude to let things go. It will inspire new confidence to pursue one`s dreams and goals in a realistic manner. The transit period helps to open up our creative abilities and pursue our interests. Jupiter in Leo will inspire us to have a generous attitude, express more affection to others, helps us have dignified conduct. Jupiter will destroy egoistic tendencies and teach lessons to grow with optimism. As a planet of good fortune, it will bestow all auspiciousness to those who connect to it.

Jupiter`s Transit Influence on the 12 Moon Signs

Aries – This transit promises a favorable period as Jupiter will transit your fifth house. There will be auspicious occasions in your family, chances of promotion and positive changes in professional front. Taurus - It will be a great year for you with this transit. New job opportunities, purchase of a vehicle, contact with affluent people will be seen. You will show inclination towards spiritual pursuits. Some will move into a new house. You will enjoy success and good increase in income. Gemini – It is a time for financial gains and those unmarried will be blessed with good marriage. You will make good contacts during short travels that will widen your circle of friends. Jupiter will bless you with new courage and confidence. Cancer - You will accumulate wealth. Jupiter transits your second house. There will be good signs of arrival of a new member. You will be happy with your family by the blessings of Jupiter. Leo – It will be a favorable period with good health and harmonious family life. Prosperity will be enjoyed and there are chances of being promoted. Students will benefit by this transit. Virgo – As Jupiter will transit your 12th house, it will not yield favorable results. Feelings of insecurity will be seen in you. Keep away from all controversies and be careful in all matters to avoid negative results. To find relief and solutions to your problems, offer worship to Jupiter regularly. Libra- It is a good time with all round prosperity seen. Luck will smile upon you and you will see success in all your efforts. New job opportunities will be possible. Scorpio – Jupiter will transit your 10th house and this will help you see an increment in your salary. Success in business is foreseen. Career growth will be enjoyed. Sagittarius – It will be a favorable period with good fortune. New job opportunities will be enjoyed. Elders will be supportive of you and will respect you. Capricorn – This transit will not see you in good health. Finances will be a problem in spite of money gains through inheritance. You need to work very hard to see fruitful results. Aquarius- Jupiter in 7th house will prove to be very favorable. All your desires will be fulfilled. You will enjoy peace in the family. Your reputation will enhance in social circles. Pisces – This transit will produce mixed results. Domestic life will not be peaceful. You will face litigation problems. Delays in marriage will be seen. Read our related articles for Jupiter Transit in Leo 2015


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